Best Gastroenterologists in India

Best Gastroenterologists & GI Surgeons in India

Following is a list of the most reputed & experienced Gastroenterologists in India.

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Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Yogesh Batra is one of the best medical gastroenterologists in New Delhi, India.
  • Dr. Batra specializes in therapeutic endoscopy (EUS, ERCP), hepatology, pancreatic disease, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He has successfully performed a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic GI procedures on hundreds of patients throughout his career.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Pawan Rawal continued to work in PGIMER, Chandigarh after completing his DM for the next few years and gained proficiency in clinical Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and its application to patient care.
  • He has performed several adults and pediatric upper G I endoscopies/ colonoscopies, ERCPs, capsule endoscopies, and push and double-balloon enteroscopy. Dr. Pawan Rawal is quite experienced in performing all kinds of therapeutic procedures.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Subhash Gupta is one of the finest Gastrointestinal and Liver Transplant Surgeons in the country. He has garnered an outstanding reputation in the field of Biliary, pancreas, and liver transplantation.
  • He has conducted over 300 Living Donor Liver Transplants in the year 2013 each lasting 10-16 hours long.
  • Dr. Subhash Gupta is also known to pioneer the development of Living Donor Transplant or LDLT.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Avnish Kumar Seth is a well-renowned name in the field of gastroenterology. With fellowships in Liver transplant (Birmingham, UK) and Endoscopic ultrasound (South Carolina Alabama, USA), Dr. Avnish Seth’s areas of interest include treatment of hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, liver transplantation, and advanced GI endoscopic procedures.
  • Dr. Avnish Kumar Seth has over two decades of experience in Gastroenterology Hepatobiliary Sciences. An expert in Diagnostic Therapeutic GI Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP, and Liver Transplantation.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Deepak Govil is one of the best Surgical Gastroenterologists in India, having over 29 years of experience in GI procedures. He has worked as a senior Gastro and laparoscopic surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.
  • Dr. Govil, the founder of PSRI’s Department of GI Surgery, has done a lot of significant GI surgical interventions.
  • He is well-known for having done liver transplants upon living donors. At Apollo Hospital, he has performed over 2000 surgeries that include the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and laparoscopic procedures.
  • In addition to his fieldwork, Dr. Govil has taught at prestigious medical institutes in Delhi.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. D K Bhargava is a Medical Gastroenterologist working at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.
  • He has 45 years of experience in his field.
  • Dr. Bhargava was a Professor of Gastroenterology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi formerly.
  • Some of the services he provides are Colonoscopy, Gastroenteritis Treatment, Acidity Treatment, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment.
  • Exceptionally qualified Dr. D K Bhargava has received the Padma Shri Award and Dr. B C Roy National Award from the President of India.
  • He has published more than 150 articles, papers, and journals throughout his career.
  • He is a member of the American Gastroenterological Association, Indian Society of Gastroenterology and American College of Gastroenterology.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Anupam Sibal is one of the best Pediatric Gastroenterologists in Delhi, having nearly 26 years of experience in treating GI and liver disorders.
  • He is a senior consultant for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi. Additionally, he is working as Group Medical Director of Apollo Hospitals.
  • He has expertise in Congenital Disorders Evaluation & Treatment, Growth & Development Management, injuries in children, and complete Paediatric health checkups.
  • Dr. Sibal went for International certifications and training to improvise.
  • Dr. Sibal won many National and International Awards for his excellent work.
  • Besides authoring 99 medical writing Dr. Sibal has written a bestselling book, “Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?” and edited/proofread a textbook on Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Giriraj Singh Bora is a liver transplant surgeon, who is known for being the founder member of the Liver Transplant Society of India.
  • He is the first doctor to transplant a liver in Rajasthan. He is also known for carrying out the first deceased donor and the first living donor liver transplants in Rajasthan and has also been instrumental in starting a liver transplant program in the region.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri is a gastroenterologist, medical educator, researcher of national eminence, as well as a columnist and philanthropist.
  • He completed his training at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi and was the first specialist to start Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and Extra Corporeal Shockwave Biliary Lithotripsy (ESWL) in India.
  • It was under Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri’s expert leadership and supervision the prestigious department of Gastroenterology at Sanjay Gandhi PostgraduateInstitute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, developed into one of the top five in the country.

How to Find and Choose the Best Gastroenterologists (GI doctors) in India

Almost everyone occasionally gets a mild stomach ache, as well as heartburn, gas, or constipation. Generally, these issues go away on their own. If these symptoms, however, occur frequently or do not go away, then you must consult your primary care doctor for a better understanding. They may recommend you to a gastroenterologist for further examination to discover the reason and treatment.

A hollow tube that connects the mouth to the anus makes up the gastrointestinal system and is used to transport, digest, and absorb food. The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are accessory organs that support the gastrointestinal system’s functions.

Gastroenterologists, commonly known as GI doctors, are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive problems that impact the digestive system (GI tract or digestive system), which includes the liver, pancreas, bile ducts, gallbladder, small intestine, large intestine, anus, mouth, and esophagus. Gastroenteritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hepatitis, hemorrhoids, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are all examples of common gastrointestinal diseases.

Gastroenterologists usually treat diseases with drugs and are well-versed in all types of gastrointestinal procedures such as colonoscopies, upper GI endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, double balloon enteroscopy, liver biopsy, ERCP, EUS, and others. If surgery is required, they might recommend you to other professionals, including a colorectal or oncological (cancer) surgeon.

Finding a reliable, experienced gastroenterologist becomes a top priority whether you are experiencing digestive symptoms or have just received a diagnosis of a gastrointestinal tract disease. But even though there are many excellent doctors, however, not every gastroenterologist will be the right choice for you.

And so, it might be difficult and perplexing to choose the best gastroenterologist for your needs. But, with the right information, you can select a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and obtain the treatment you desire and deserve.

Your choice of surgeon will have a major impact on whether your gastroenterology treatment is successful or unsuccessful. Thus, choosing the best Gastroenterologist in India remains a struggle for everyone, even though India is home to numerous experienced and accomplished doctors. But you don’t have to worry anymore for we’ve covered some of the best Gastroenterologists in India who can be completely reliable. To help you choose the right gastroenterologist for you, we have listed some key factors that can come in handy when making any decision.

Key Factors to Be Considered in Choosing the Best Gastroenterologists in India

Years of Experience

Your doctor must be an expert in his/her specialty. Selecting an expert has its benefits. An experienced doctor will be able to recommend the best course of action for you because of the vast knowledge they have regarding the numerous GI issues through their years of experience in the field. Having an experienced gastroenterologist will further help you to get better results and speed up your recovery process.

However, due to the differences in experience and training, not all gastrointestinal doctors (Gastroenterologists) are alike. The specialist you select will make all the difference in how your gastrointestinal condition is treated, especially if you are having a complicated GI procedure.

There are many different GI tract issues; therefore it’s important to choose a specialist that specializes in treating your particular issue. This will enable you to receive the best care possible for your condition. Additionally, because there are so many conditions affecting the GI tract, specialists frequently do not address all conditions. Making an appointment with a doctor who doesn’t treat a particular illness would therefore be a complete waste of time.

That’s why, while compiling the list of the top Gastroenterologists in India, we gave the doctors’ years of expertise in performing a certain type of surgery with exceptional skills the utmost importance. Your disease will be treated more successfully and effectively by doctors with more experience.

The discipline of gastroenterology is always evolving, and new advancements—whether they are in the form of medically prescribed drugs, equipment for diagnosing and treating patients, or postoperative care—are developed every day. Therefore, your doctor must be up to date on all recent discoveries in the field so that he or she can use them to treat you. This will facilitate better and more rapid treatment outcomes.

Since our website caters mainly to foreign patients who travel abroad for critical cases, thus we made it a priority to include the best Gastroenterologists in India.

Academic Qualifications

Your overall well-being depends mainly on your gastrointestinal health. It makes sense that you only consult with gastroenterologists who have received board certification. Your gastroenterologist should be certified in both gastrointestinal and internal medicine.

GI doctors have a variety of attributes in addition to their degrees, which attest to their skills and proficiency in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.

A gastroenterologist’s board certification should be one of your top considerations because it shows that the doctor has the education, training, and experience essential to offer trustworthy digestive care.

And so, the academic qualifications of the doctors are carefully considered when evaluating who the best Gastroenterologists in India are. The surgeon’s credentials, including their knowledge and skills, certification, and validation to perform any particular type of gastroenterology treatment, are also taken into consideration. These surgeons often conduct research, attend various medical conferences, and are quite active in professional associations. Although an MBBS is necessary to practice medicine, most gastroenterologists in India have additionally undergone both national and international fellowships.

Reputation of the Graduating University of the Doctors

When choosing the top Gastroenterologists, the reputation of the university from which they graduated was also taken into consideration. The list contains medical graduates from prestigious medical institutions from all over the world.

Reputation of the Practicing Hospital

Again, when looking for the best gastroenterologists in India, it is essential to keep the reputation of the hospital where they are currently practicing in mind. For a seamless medical experience and patient satisfaction, the OPD area, the operating room, the surgical equipment, the recovery room, and every other section of the hospital must be excellent.

Also, take into consideration the level of care and facilities offered by the hospital where your gastroenterologist practices. The quality of the hospital is crucial since patients are more likely to experience positive outcomes and fewer issues when they go to hospitals with high ratings and the requisite accreditation.

During your treatment, your doctor must adhere to the highest health and safety standards. Having a sterile atmosphere during surgery is crucial, as are other fundamental amenities like strict infection prevention measures, etc., that can guarantee your complete safety. Any doctor who performs GI therapy according to the local medical board’s guidelines could endanger your health, thus they must be avoided at all costs.

Considering all these factors, we select the top gastroenterologists who work in hospitals with world-class facilities and who have passed the inspection of agencies like NABH and JCI.

Diversified Experience of Doctors

Gastroenterologists’ varying levels of experience are taken into account, but it is not a critical factor. In comparison to other types of medical facilities, government hospitals, military hospitals, trust-run hospitals, etc. are more likely to have experts who have a diversity of knowledge and skill in handling a wide range of patients. At least some of the names on the list were picked with this consideration in mind.

Patient Feedback and Doctors' Overall Reputation

Your gastroenterologist should also communicate with you in a way that is comfortable for you. For your doctor to understand your problems, communication is essential. The more information they have, the better treatment plan they can design for you. If you visit a doctor with whom you do not get along, you are less likely to discuss details of your symptoms, particularly private ones. Therefore, you should feel at ease with the doctor you select.

An important attribute to look for in a GI doctor is a good bedside manner. Finding out about GI issues is never simple for patients, and depending on the recommended course of treatment, they could feel anxious about it.

To solve this issue, we’ve taken patient reviews and the gastroenterologists’ overall reputation in the medical community as the most important and final factors in compiling a list of the top gastroenterologists in India. Ginger Healthcare, a leading medical assistance company, engages with hundreds of patients each month in hospitals all over the country. As a result, we regularly hear from patients who receive gastroenterology treatment in hospitals all around India. When creating the list of the best gastroenterologists in India, we discussed it with our staff and selected the names of the doctors based on our collective input throughout the years.

Whether you are looking for a gastroenterologist for the first time or have already seen one and want a second opinion, Ginger Healthcare can assist. We truly hope that these suggestions will offer you the assurance you need to choose the top gastroenterologists in India.

We hope the list was helpful! Whenever you receive treatment from any of the listed doctors, kindly let us know how it went by leaving feedback. Our best wishes are with you!

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