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Following is a list of the most reputed & experienced Rheumatologists in India 

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Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Prasan Deep Rath is one of the reputed Rheumatologists in India with 20+ years of proficient experience and has become one of the trustworthy names in the field of Rheumatology.
  • He completed his MD in Internal medicine from Patparganj in Indraprastha Extension, Delhi, and is currently functioning as the Director and Head of the Rheumatology department at Max Super Speciality Hospital, one of the finest medical institutes in Delhi, India.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Sundeep Kumar Upadhyaya is one of the best Rheumatologists in India, working at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.
  • He has over 30 years of experience in modern medicine, spondylitis, rheumatology, arthritis, and other connective tissue disorder treatment.
  • Dr. Upadhyaya has also been a crucial part of various research.
  • He was one of the first rheumatology experts in India to introduce bioagents to treat rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory spondylitis, and ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Dr. Upadhaya provides training for PG students in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Brig K Shanmuganandan is a reputed rheumatologist in India with 32 years of experience in total.
  • He is into internal medicine specialization and has pursued his MD in general medicine from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.
  • He has worked on 10 research projects and 70 publications.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. V V Kaushik is an accredited Rheumatologist in Chennai with substantial experience internationally.
  • Dr. Kaushik had his initial experience in Internal Medicine and later completed training in Rheumatology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
  • He has published his work in prominent Indian and International journals.

How to Find and Choose the Best Rheumatologists in India

Musculoskeletal pain, whether in muscles or joints, is a frequent occurrence in many people that interrupts their everyday lives and activities.

The musculoskeletal system, which consists of bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues, serves as the body’s support system. It enables mobility, protects essential organs, and keeps us upright. However, for millions of people, chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune and inflammatory disorders can severely affect them. 

While minor pains are typical, chronic musculoskeletal discomfort, particularly if associated with probable rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune illnesses, requires a visit with a rheumatologist. These professionals can identify and treat the underlying source of your discomfort.

Rheumatologists are specialists who diagnose and treat rheumatic diseases, which affect the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles. They are experts at addressing various musculoskeletal disorders such as stiffness, weakness, restricted range of motion, creaking or clicking joints, swelling, burning, discomfort, reddish skin, and functional impairment. Many of these issues come from autoimmune illnesses, in which your immune system mistakenly targets itself. Rheumatologists are specialists in determining the source of your discomfort, whether it is an autoimmune disorder or something else completely.

Rheumatologists typically use drugs to treat diseases, though they may also suggest physical therapy and lifestyle adjustments. In case surgery is required, then they might suggest an orthopedic doctor.

For children experiencing similar rheumatic symptoms, a pediatric rheumatologist specializes in these conditions. Children with arthritis, autoimmune diseases including juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Kawasaki disease, or scleroderma, and unexplained symptoms like inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, weakness, joint swelling, or rash are commonly treated by pediatric rheumatologists.

Needless to say, rheumatologists treat more than 100 different rheumatic diseases as well as other ailments, such as:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)
  • Gout
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, or SLE)
  • Tendinitis
  • Axial Spondyloarthritis (axSpA)
  • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)
  • Lupus Nephritis
  • Lyme disease
  • Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Scleroderma
  • Sjogren Syndrome


However, the problem that most rheumatologists face is that patients come to see them after their disease has worsened. Therefore, the sooner you visit a rheumatologist, the lower your risk of experiencing pain or needing a wheelchair.

If you have musculoskeletal system-related symptoms or a disease then finding a reliable, skilled rheumatologist should be at the top of your priority list. Even though there are many excellent doctors, not every rheumatologist will be the best fit for you.

Thus, choosing a rheumatologist you can trust is essential since they will probably be a part of your life for a while. In that case, it might be a little difficult and confusing to find a rheumatologist who fits your needs.

To begin with, discovering a rheumatologist with experience in your particular musculoskeletal or autoimmune condition can be incredibly useful.

Hence, it’s important to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable because you may work with them for the rest of your life since rheumatic diseases are frequently chronic conditions that require ongoing management.

Even though India is home to numerous accomplished and skilled rheumatologists, finding the ideal one in the country is still difficult for everyone. Moreover, the success or failure of your treatment will largely depend upon the doctor you will choose.

Thus, to make it easier for you, this article will guide you through how to find the best rheumatologist in India for your needs by considering the important factors listed below:

Key Factors to Be Considered in Choosing the Best Rheumatologists in India

Years of Experience

To provide you with the best possible care, your rheumatologist must stay up to date on all the newest discoveries and interventions, such as dietary changes and physiotherapy. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), heat therapy, and even massage have all been shown to significantly reduce pain. You need someone who is well-read, reassuring, smart, and self-assured in their abilities.

Keeping these aspects in mind, we gave the doctor’s years of experience doing a particular type of treatment the utmost importance when selecting the top rheumatologists in India. Even if experience and expertise are not always related, it is evident that doctors with at least 10 years of experience are much more efficient than doctors with less experience.

While selecting the best rheumatologists in India, we have also ensured that the doctors are well-updated with the latest strategies and treatment approaches to speed up your healing.

As our website caters primarily to international patients who travel abroad for critical problems, thus we made it a priority to include the best rheumatologists in India. You can be assured that you will be given a high-quality course of care if your rheumatologist is updated on treatments.

Academic Qualifications

The academic backgrounds of the rheumatologists are also carefully considered when deciding who the best rheumatologists in India are.

We make sure that the doctors are both licensed and board-certified in rheumatology. A medical license signifies they’ve completed all the necessary training required by the state. Board certification goes a step further – it confirms they’ve passed a rigorous exam demonstrating their expertise in rheumatology.

In addition, the doctors’ credentials are also considered, including their knowledge and skills, as well as certification to perform any specific type of treatment. Many continuously learn by conducting research, participating in professional organizations, and attending conferences to stay updated with the latest advancements.

While an MBBS is the foundation for medical practice, most Indian rheumatologists complete additional training through national and international fellowships, further strengthening their expertise.

Reputation of the Graduating University of the Doctors

When selecting the top rheumatologists in India, the reputation of their medical college plays a significant role. Graduates from renowned institutions have typically undergone rigorous training programs, often mentored by leading experts in the field. These institutions also emphasize cutting-edge research, ensuring that doctors stay at the forefront of advancements in rheumatology.

Therefore, our list comprises rheumatologists who hail from prestigious medical colleges from all over the world. This signifies their strong foundation in medical knowledge and their exposure to the latest developments in rheumatology.

Reputation of the Practicing Hospital

The reputation of the practicing hospital is another important consideration when selecting the best rheumatologists in India. To function effectively, a good doctor requires a supportive environment in addition to the best tools and facilities. For a seamless medical experience and patient satisfaction, the OPD area, operating room, surgical equipment, recovery room, and everything else in the hospital must be excellent. As a result, we select the best rheumatologists who work in hospitals with exceptional infrastructure and who have been evaluated by organizations such as NABH and JCI.

Diversified Experience of Doctors

The diversity of experience among rheumatologists is another thing that is taken into account; however, it is not a key factor. Government, military, and trust-run hospitals frequently treat a diverse spectrum of patients with difficult diseases. This exposure enables their rheumatologists to acquire a larger range of skills and knowledge.

Hence, we prioritize rheumatologists who thrive in this diversified context. By incorporating certain rheumatologists from these facilities, we assure a well-rounded selection capable of meeting a broader variety of patient requirements.

Patient Feedback and Doctors' Overall Reputation

Patient feedback and the doctors’ overall reputation in the healthcare industry were considered as the final and most important factors in compiling a list of the top rheumatologists in India.

A good rheumatologist is more than just someone with skills and knowledge. They must consider your problems seriously and pay you sympathetic and empathic attention. To make sure they give you the best treatment and interventions, they should carefully answer your queries.

You can get a feel of the doctor’s expertise, work atmosphere, and manner from the patient reviews.

Ginger Healthcare, a leading medical assistance company, interacts with hundreds of patients in hospitals across the country each month. As a result, we constantly receive feedback from rheumatology patients in hospitals across India. Thus, while compiling the list of the top rheumatologists in India, we consulted with our team and chose the names of the doctors based on our collective feedback over the years.

So whether you’ve already seen a rheumatologist and want a second opinion, or this is your first time looking for this specialty, we at Ginger Healthcare can assist you. We hope that these suggestions provide you with the confidence to choose the best rheumatologists in India for you.

We hope the list was helpful! Please provide us with feedback if and when you receive treatment from any of the doctors on the list. We’re wishing you success!

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