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By accessing the contents of this website and or premium patient support services of Ginger Healthcare Private Ltd (henecforth called, GHPL) you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the following privacy policy and general terms of service of the website and organization.

  • All information about medical conditions and medical procedures are given purely for general information and not for medical prescription. Although the contents have been written by expert writers and reviewed by our medical team, still there is always a chance of human errors, information getting outdated or pure mistakes. Hence, please use the said information for general idea only and rely on advice and expertise of your doctor for medical decisions.
  • The information given about hospitals are normally collected from the website of the said hospitals and from secondary sources like healthcare portals, news articles, blogs etc. It is not always possible to verify information in person. Hence, there could be possibility of providing incorrect information about hospitals or clinics based on whatever source the information may have been collected. Users are requested to verify information with concerned hospitals or clinics before taking a final decision.
  • The information about doctors have been collected from the website of the hospital to which the concerned doctor is associated with, the doctor’s own website, other healthcare portals, newspapers, journals and in some cases, mailed directly by the doctor himself or herself. Although our team has taken every possible care to ensure that we provide correct information about each doctor, there could still be possibility of error, specially when it comes to expertise of doctors for procedures, and the number and type of procedures he or she has done or does.
  • GHPL treats medical records of every patient with utmost seriousness. Medical information of patients are never shared with any other person or organization, save for the purpose that it is intended for.
  • The medical information and reports are shared only with doctors and coordinating staff of the reputed hospitals & service partners for the purpose of taking medical opinion and estimate. If a user doesn’t want any part of medical report or information to be kept only with GHPL, he/she can state that at the time of sharing and we will keep that absolutely private.
  • When you fill a contact form, call / message us or fill a subscription form, you understand and authorize our team to contact you back to provide whatever assistance you need. If you decide not to receive any communication, please reply back informing of the same and you shall not be contacted further.
  • Clause of Indemnity. GHPL is only engaged in the business of providing guidance and assistance to patients for treatment. We do not have ownership or management stake in hospital or clinic, and never have any say in treatment decisions or process. Our suggestions are never obligatory on any patient. If you decide to go ahead with our suggestion for treatment with a hospital or doctor, you will be taking that decision absolutely on your own accord. We strongly encourage you to do your due diligence before taking a treatment decision. As such, in the event of any unfortunate negative outcome of treatment  including but not limited to worsening of patient’s condition, mistreatment, negligence or even death, you agree to indemnify GHPL, its employees and management from any kind of legal penalty.
  • GHPL believes in sharing knowledge and awareness about healthcare and medical conditions. Hence, you would be receiving emails and may be, SMS too about our newsletters and medical information etc. You may unsubscribe from the same any time.