Dr. Rajasekar B

Dr. Rajasekar B
Dr. Rajasekar B

Designation of Dr. Rajasekar B

Dr. Rajasekar B 
Senior Consultant
Apollo Hospitals Greams Road, Chennai

Profile Snapshot of Dr. Rajasekar B

  • Dr. Rajasekar B is a recognized Rheumatologist from India having an experience of 36 years in this field.
  • He is associated with Apollo Hospital, Greams Road in Chennai as a consultant following other assignments.
  • Dr. Rajasekar B has acquired a medical degree from Chennai.
  • Patients can contact him for treatment and consultation of Arthritis.
  • He has published many studies in prominent Indian and International journals.

Dr. B Rajasekar’s Expertise

  • Arthritis & Rheumatism treatment
  • HLAB27+ Ankylosing spondylitis treatment
  • Treatment for autoimmune disease
  • Viscosupplementation

Work Experience of Dr. Rajasekar B

  • More than 36 years of experience
  • Working as Consultant, Rheumatologist at Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Dr. B Rajasekar’s Qualifications

  • MBBS in 1986
  • MD (General Medicine) in 1991
  • MRCP (UK)
  • PLAB

Memberships of Dr. Rajasekar B

  • Tamil Nadu Medical Council

Publications of Dr. Rajasekar B

  • “Comparison of GI side effect profile”- Merck Sharpe Dhome (Jan-June 2000)
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Causes of Death in elderly in a General Medical ward Malabsorption syndrome Meningococcal vaccine-induced Lupus Jejuno Ileal Bypass Arthropathy
  • Osteoporosis in Men Rehabilitation and Physical Disability in Rheumatology Managing Vasculitis VIOXX (Rofecoxib) V/s Arthrotec (Diclofenac + Misoprostol

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