Dr. Neel Shah

Dr. Neel Shah
Dr. Neel Shah

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi


Dr. Neel Shah  
General Surgeon
Senior Consultant
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Profile Snapshot

  • Dr. Neel Shah is a top General Surgeon in India and is a Specialist of abdominal surgery. He possesses an elaborate experience of over 35 years in the field.
  • He is engaged as senior consultant General Surgeon with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Dr. Shah is also a Laparoscopic surgeon, practicing as an expert Thyroid & Endocrine General Surgeon, Gastrointestinal surgeon, and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon.
  • He offers Hernia Repair Surgery, Abscess treatment, Amputation, Mastectomy, Gall Bladder removal, cyst removal, and more in adults and children.


  • General Surgery
  • Abdominoperineal Resection
  • Advanced Laparoscopy
  • Thyroid and Endocrine General Surgery
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Varicocele Surgery
  • Breast Extension Surgery
  • Laser Fissure Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Piles Treatment
  • Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery
  • Abscess – Intra Abdominal Treatment
  • Abscess Pelvic Treatment
  • Abscess – Subphrenic Treatment
  • Amputation
  • Breast – Extensive Excision and Axillary Section
  • Mastectomy
  • Cholecystectomy – Gall Bladder Removal
  • Epididymal Cyst Removal
  • Hydrocele Operation – Adult
  • Pilonidal Sinus
  • Spleen Removal – Splenectomy
  • Aortic Aneurysm
  • Non-Surgical Fat Loss
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Nephrectomy (Kidney Removal)
  • Femoral Embolectomy
  • Varicose Ulcer Treatment
  • Varicose Vein Removal
  • Haemorrhoids Treatment
  • Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy (Piles)
  • Appendicitis Treatment
  • Endosurgery
  • Fistula Surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Anal Fissure Surgery
  • Liver Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Vaser Liposuction

Work Experience

  • 35 years experience as specialist General and Laparoscopic surgeon
  • Senior Consultant, General Surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi since 2000
  • Consultant at Torquay General Hospital
  • Yeovil District Hospital, Barnet
  • Edgware General Hospital


  • MBBS from the University of Delhi
  • DNB General Surgery


  • Fellowship of Royal College Of Surgeons
  • Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo-Surgeons (IAGES)
  • Member Upper GI Association of England

Awards & Recognitions

Awarded for Laparoscopic Advanced Surgery, Thyroid & Endocrine General Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery


  • Written book titled “Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat.” Published by Elsevier, India
  • Written a self-assessment book named “Self Teaching and Assessment in Ear, Nose and Throat” (MCQ’s in ENT), Published by Elsevier, India
  • He is credited for publishing about 40 articles in many National and International Medical Journals.

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