Is My Sleeping Position Affecting My Back?

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Have you ever considered the fact that your sleeping position can affect your back? Generally, people don’t think about their spines, while lying in bed. If you are suffering from back pain or chronic back pain, then you might be even unable to get a good night’s sleep. People suffering from chronic back pain, can experience even more pain while they are waking up in the morning from sleep.

It is important to follow few steps while you are sleeping or lying in bed, as these can help in avoiding or lessening back pain.

  • It is quite important to keep your spine in a neutral position. For this, you can choose a well-made innerspring or foam mattress. You can also take the help of pillows to keep the spine in a neutral position.


  • Sleeping on your back is generally the most favorable position. This position evenly distributes your weight across the widest surface of your body, thus minimizing pressure points as well as ensuring a proper alignment of all your internal organs. If you are a side sleeper, then it is best to alternate sides. If you sleep on the same side always, then it can suspend the middle of your body, between your hips and soldiers, which are the broadest parts of the trunk. The worst position to sleep is on your stomach, as this puts an unnatural position on your neck.


  • Whichever position you choose to sleep in, it is best to put your pillow beneath your head and your neck. But avoid putting it beneath your shoulders.


  • It is also important to understand that your body type dictates the support you need. If your hips are wider than your waist, then a soft mattress can accommodate the width of your pelvis, and allow your spine to remain neutral. If your hips and waist are in a relatively straight line, a more rigid surface can offer better support.


  • An average adult ideally requires around eight hours of sleep. However, many adults rarely get a full night of sleep due to back pain and other issues that might keep them awake. However, if you follow the above tips, it will greatly help in preventing and reducing any back pain, and ensuring a proper and healthy sleep.

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