How to prevent Malaria – easy steps!

Humans have been fighting with malaria for ages. Despite advanced technology, we are yet to develop vaccine for malaria. The cause of malaria is bite from the female Annopheles mosquito. Malaria is associated with serious complications like multiple organ failure & can even lead to death.

The best way to prevent malaria is to keep our home & surroundings clean.

Here are few simple steps to prevent malaria:

1. No standing water:

Standing water is suitable home for mosquitoes to grow. Don’t let water accumulate in coolers, small pits, tyres, etc.

2. Use oil:

Oil, kerosene oil or vegetable oil can be applied to the water surface. This leads to suffocation of mosquito larvae.

3. Wear the right clothes:

Wear proper clothes especially during evening or while going out. Clothes should cover the extremities & cotton clothes of light colours are preferred.

4. Use mosquito repellent creams:

These can keep you safe when you are sitting in a garden or outside playing.

5. Use mosquito nets:

This is the most simple and effective way to keep the mosquitoes away. It neither exposes the body to any harmful chemicals nor causes any harm to the body.

6. Use mosquito nets in the doors & windows:

Mosquito nets in the doors & windows allows fresh air to come in the house & ensures that mosquitoes don’t enter your house.

7. Get malaria vaccine:

Get antimalarial prophylaxis before going to regions prone to malaria.
Prevention is better than cure so try to keep your surroundings & home clean & consult a doctor immediately if you notice the symptoms of malaria like high fever, chills, nausea and weakness.

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