Double Lung Transplant Performed on Covid-19 patient at KIMS, Hyderabad


A 32-year old patient from Chandigarh, Punjab, received lungs from a brain-dead person in Kolkata and became the first Covid-19 patient in the country who received a lung transplant. The team of doctors who performed the transplant was led by renowned Cardiothoraic & Heart Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Attawar. The transplant took place in KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad.

Dr. Attawar with the patient
Dr. Attawar with the patient

The patient, Rizwan, who hails from Chandigarh, was suffering from a condition named sarcoidosis which was leading to fibrosis of the lungs. According to doctors, the situation worsened after he contracted coronavirus, while he was waiting for his double lung transplant. Fortunately, a match to his lungs was found, and the harvested lungs were airlifted to save the life of the patient. According to Dr. Attawar, the procedure was complex, and there was little room for error. But due to a timely transplant of the lungs, the patients’ life could be saved. Even though it is difficult to achieve good outcomes, as some of these patients are extremely sick, undernourished, and bedridden prior to the transplant, the transplant was, fortunately, a success. The doctor added that post-discharge, the patient will need to be monitored closely, as well as careful drug control for a minimum of six weeks will also be required.

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Dr. Attwar who was previously with Gleangeales Global Hospital & Fortis Hospital Group is known for doing some of the most challenging Heart & Lung Surgeries in the world. He is currently the Founder Director & Chair of Advanced Heart Failure, Terminal Lung Disease &The Solid Thoracic Organ Transplant Program, KIMS Institute of Heart, Lung Transplantation & Assist Devices.

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