Know the Beauty Benefits of Exercise

It’s a well known fact that exercise is good for our health and well-being. Another reason to workout is that it is the key to beautiful skin. The cardiovascular benefits of physical activity promote healthy circulation which keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. However, while exercising take special care to keep your skin protected if you have any dermatological conditions but don’t let the skin problems to prevent you from being active.

Here’s the reason:

Exercise increase blood flow which nourish your skin cells and keep them vital. Blood also carry oxygen and nutrients to various cells including the skin and removes the free radicals. Your skin cleanses from the inside. Also, it eases stress which can improve the skin problems such as acne and eczema.

Regular exercise helps tone muscles and helps you look better overall. Here are some beauty benefits you can achieve through exercise:

1. Clear & radiant Skin

Working out and getting a good sweat is equal to getting a mini-facial. Exercise not only breaks sweat but also reduces body inflammation, helps regulate hormones and prevents free-radical damage. The tiny arteries in the skin open up during exercise that allow more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. The nutrients delivered to skin during exercise rev up the skin’s collagen production and help fibroblasts work more efficiently, so your skin looks younger.

2. Boosts self-confidence

Regular exercise enhances the feeling of self-worth and overall health. As our self-worth is directly related to our energy levels and attractiveness and thus you feel good in your own skin.

3. Improves posture

Exercise stretch and strengthen your muscles correcting your body alignment. Active workout brings muscles back into balance and lengthens your back which improves your posture. It therefore, makes you look thinner, fitter and more confident.

4. Enhances sleep

Exercise sharpens the body’s sensitivity to stress hormone cortisol which can enhance your beauty sleep and you look fresh all day long.

5. Fights premature ageing

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause wrinkles and premature ageing. It can damage your elastin and collagen resulting in fine lines and saggy skin. Regular exercise increases blood flow and your body produces more collagen that gives you a radiant complexion and youthful skin.

6. Reduces acne

Exercise prevents or reduces acne breakouts. During exercise, you get sweat that flushes out toxins from your body and clear your pores.

7. Promotes healthy hair

After an exhausting workout, washing tresses is a common task. Exercise can benefit your strands. It increases the circulation and allows the nutrients to reach your scalp, stimulate hair follicles and promote the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Healthy skin workout

Exercising outdoor can cause the sunburns which increases the skin cancer risk and rapidly age the skin. It reduces the benefits your skin gets from exercise. Avoid exercise outside during peak hours between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To workout during the sunny hours, wear sunscreen. If you have oily skin or problems with acne, choose a gel or oil-free product laced with SPF protection.

Bottom line

Getting fit not only makes you look good, it also makes you feel good by balancing the body’s hormone levels that improves the appearance of hair, skin and muscle tone.

The benefit of good fitness is a boon to every system in our bodies. It is not only about burning calories, but it’s so much more than that makes a more radiant, gorgeous you.

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