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Artemis LTP Oncology Team Visiting Almaty

In a remarkable attempt to reach out and treat people beyond national boundaries, the Liver Transplant and Medical Oncology team at Artemis Hospital will be travelling to Almaty, Kazakhstan on 26th May, 2024.

People who are suffering from end-stage liver disease, liver transplant can turn out to be a life-saving procedure for them. However, in certain areas, access to these kinds of specialized treatments can be completely out of reach. Realizing this need, Artemis Hospital has taken the initiative to reach out to these patients in Kazakhstan, offering them with a ray of hope.

The consultation which is slated to take place on 26th and 27th May, from 10 am to 3 pm, will take place at the venue: Koktem 1, 25 Almaty, in Kazakhstan.

The experts who will be consulting patients are Dr. Giriraj Singh Bora, Chief of Liver Transplant & Senior Consultant of GI & HPB Surgery, and Dr. Priya Tiwari, Head of Medical Oncology at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon.

During their visit to Almaty, the team will be conducting patient outreach programmes and will be consulting OPD patients. In addition to conducting medical evaluations, this comprehensive approach will make sure that patients and their families get thorough assistance and guidance in navigating their healthcare journey.

The programme emphasizes how important medical tourism is for providing access to specialized treatment. By providing advanced medical care to patients in Kazakhstan, Artemis Hospital reiterates its dedication to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

The main aim of Artemis Hospital is not just to perform medical operations but to change lives and restore hope among people. Through their unwavering commitment and compassion, they always strive to improve the lives of people and their families dealing with difficult health issues.

Hence, this thoughtful initiative further highlights the dedication of the medical team at Artemis Hospital who believes in providing advanced healthcare to people who are in need, no matter wherever they are.

Ginger Healthcare is pleased to assist patients in consulting the doctors at the outreach program. If you want to book an appointment, kindly drop a mail on or message (Telegram/WhatsApp) us on: +91 9811829528. You can also chat with us on the chat button below the page.

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