Dr. Rajasekar P

Dr. Rajasekar P
Dr. Rajasekar P

Designation of Dr. Rajasekar P

Dr. Rajasekar P 
Orthopedic Surgeon
Senior Consultant
Apollo Hospitals Greams Road, Chennai

Profile Snapshot of Dr. Rajasekar P

  • Dr. Rajasekar P is an experienced orthopedist with 24+ years of experience.
  • He treats and consults patients with problems with Joints, fractures, osteoporosis, Spine injuries, etc.
  • He is an MBBS and DNB qualified doctor and practices at Apollo hospitals of Chennai.
  • His experience has brought him recognition in the field along with trust and appreciation from the patients.
  • One can consult him online through various sites available or can visit him at the hospital.

Dr. P Rajasekar’s Expertise

  • Acetabular Fixation
  • Bone Grafting
  • Bone replacement surgery
  • Cementless Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery
  • Fracture Treatment
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Joints and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Paget’s Disease
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Spine Mobilization
  • Treatment of Osteoporosis

Work Experience of Dr. Rajasekar P

  • 24 Years in Orthopedics Surgery including 11 years as a full-time Independent Consultant
  • Arthroscopy Fellowship at Perth, Western Australia
  • Arthroplasty Fellowship at Singapore
  • Arthroplasty Fellowship at Gold Coast, Australia
  • Working as a Consultant and Orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai.

Dr. P Rajasekar’s Qualifications

  • Pursued MBBS from Madras University of Chennai, India in 1984
  • Pursued DNB in Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery from DNB board, New Delhi in 1996

Memberships of Dr. Rajasekar P

  • Indian Medical Association Membership (IMA) membership.
  • Member of Indian Association for Computer-Assisted Surgery
  • Member of Indian Cartilage Society
  • Member of Indian Arthroscopy Society

Awards & Recognitions received by Dr. Rajasekar P

  • Expert at Asia Pacific conference for arthroscopy and Viscosupplementation in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Expert at the Arthroplasty Update at Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia
  • Founder Member of the Indian Association for Computer-Assisted Surgery
  • Indian Cartilage Society’s founder member and executive committee member

Publications of Dr. Rajasekar P

  • Efficacy of Viscosupplemetation in Low KL grade Osteoarthritis of the knee

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