Youngest Child successfully undergoes Small Bowel Transplant at Dr. Rela’s Institute

Dr. Rela Hospital in Chennai founded by world-renowned Liver Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Mohammed Rela conducted remarkable feat today as they conducted a Small Intestine (Bowel) Transplant on the youngest child. The patient is a four year old Bengaluru boy named Guhan and donor is boy’s father Swaminathan, both recipient and donor are reported to be doing great. Doctors from the institute declared this at a press conference held at ITC Grand Chola Guindy. The event was attended by Minister of Health & Family Welfare – Tamil Nadu, Mr. Thiru Ma Subramanium & Health Secretary, J. Radhakrishnan. Representatives of ‘Asia Book of Certificates’ presented the certificate of achievement as Asia’s youngest small intestine transplant surgery. Dr. Mohammed Rela presided over the event.

Small Bowel Transplant is done to replace a diseased or shortened bowel in the patient with that of a healthy bowel from a donor. It is a highly advanced procedure that is done by only a handful of hospitals in the world. The procedure re-establishes Dr. Rela Hospital as a premier centre for Organ Transplant in India, which includes Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant and Heart & Lung Transplant. It also adds to Chennai’s credibility as one of the most sought-after Medical Tourism Destinations in the world.

Who is Dr. Mohamed Rela?

  • Dr. (Prof.) Mohamed Rela is known as one of the best liver transplant surgeons in the world. His name has also entered the Guinness Book of Records for performing a liver transplantation of a 5 day old baby.
  • With more than 28 years of experience, Dr. Rela is known as a pioneer in liver transplantation & hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery.
  • Dr. Mohamed Rela is the Chairman and Director of Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai, India; and the Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation, at King’s College, Hospital in London as well.
  • During his career of almost 30 years, Dr Rela has performed over 4500 liver transplantations worldwide.
  • Dr. Mohamed Rela has a vision to provide premium and affordable healthcare facilities of international standards to Indian population for multi-organ transplantations.
  • He is also well known for starting the ‘Institute of Liver disease and transplantation’ at Global Gleneagles health city in 2009. Within a few years, it became the largest liver transplant program in India. Over 1500 liver transplantation surgeries have been performed under this program, since its inception.
  • He received his MBBS and his MS from the Stanley Medical College, in Chennai.
  • He later went to the UK in 1986, to receive another MS from Edinburgh, after which he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1988.

Achievements of Dr. Mohamed Rela

  • Dr. Mohamed Rela has performed more than 4500 liver transplant surgeries so far.
  • A team led by Dr. Rela performed successful liver transplantation on a five-day-old girl In December 1997, which gave him an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000. She is now a 24-year-old.
  • He performed the first living related liver transplant in a patient (18 months old) with acute liver failure in the UK, had only 48 hours to live before surgery, during March 1999.
  • He successfully performed liver transplantation on a girl from Ahmedabad (4 year-old), who has end-stage liver disease, during June 2003.
  • At King’s College London Hospital, where he was member of a team that transplanted a patient’s liver six times to save her life with a bone marrow transplant, during August 2003.
  • A group under his leadership successfully performed liver transplantation on a 5-year-old Pakistani girl at the Global Hospital in Hyderabad, during August 2004.
  • He has pioneered the technique of split liver transplantation in India, where one cadaver liver is split during the retrieval operation into two and transplanted into two individuals, during September 2009.
  • A group under his leadership has successfully done Swap liver transplantation on Adults for the first time in India, at Chennai, during May 2011.
  • He is the only liver surgeon in India, who has published more than 600 Scientific articles and papers.
  • Dr. Rela is one of the most Innovative Paediatric Surgeons alive, according to an article published by ‘Top Masters in Healthcare Administration’.

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