Justice Katju Heaps Praises on Medanta

Justice Katju Heaps Praises on Medanta

In a recent account, former judge of the Supreme Court of India, Justice Markandey Katju expressed great admiration for Medanta Hospital, in Gurugram, and its visionary creator Dr. Naresh Trehan. Calling Medanta “almost a mini city” with 4.3 acres of land, Justice Katju highlighted the hospital’s prestigious status as “the best private hospital in India”. Additionally, he also praised Medanta’s capacity to draw in patients from both domestic and foreign locations.

Further, Justice Katju recounted his personal experience with Medanta, which he said began with a series of medical tests preceding a major surgery. The remarkable infrastructure of Medanta, that includes a major hospital tower spanning 15 stories and an expenditure of over Rs. 1200 crore (around $140 million), left him in awe. Notably, he also acknowledged that Dr. Naresh Trehan, who is an internationally renowned cardiac surgeon, was largely responsible for Medanta’s success due to his vision and unwavering work ethic. He also emphasized how Dr. Trehan doesn’t hesitate to provide free consultation and treatment to poor people.

Reflecting on his first interaction with Dr. Trehan, Justice Katju added, “I came to know him through his wife Madhu, an eminent journalist who interviewed me a few times. When I was the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court in 2005 (a year before I became a Supreme Court Judge) I once invited Dr Trehan to address the Hon’ble Judges of the High Court on health concerns they may face. During his address, he told us about how what level of alcohol was safe to consume. He used the term CC (cubic centimetres). I intervened and said we judges understand ‘chhota’ (small) peg and ‘bada’ (big) peg, but do not understand cc. He smiled, and explained what he meant.” (Source: indicanews)

Justice Katju praised Dr. Trehan’s commitment to improving healthcare, pointing out that he has a wealth of knowledge from working at prestigious medical facilities abroad. He further described that Medanta has nearly 900 highly skilled and experienced experts, including those who have spent many years practicing both in the US and abroad. In addition, there are thirty super specializations, thousands of highly skilled nurses, and other support workers.

Upon contemplating his exchanges with the medical staff at Medanta, Justice Katju commended their depth of experience and dedication to quality care. He praised Medanta for being at the forefront of medical innovation through its use of cutting-edge technology and its culture of continuous learning, for which he primarily credits Dr. Trehan.

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