Fortis Healthcare Under The Scanner For Copyright Infringement

Fortis Hospital

A US-based organization has dragged Fortis Healthcare into court for copyright infringement. The names of the defendants include Fortis Healthcare, IHH Healthcare Berhad, and 26 others who are at blame for “tortious interference with contracts”. The suit has been filed by Emqore Envesecure which is a trust falling under Wyoming. The defendants have to appear before the US District court, USA. The trust seeks damages estimated to be USD 6.5 billion from the 21 non-party and 28 named defendants.

As stated by the healthcare major, they are under legal proceedings on the charges of violation of the US Racketeer, copyright infringement, Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, tortious interference with contracts, and various other charges. However, Fortis Healthcare that there is no complaint under the Hague Service Convention. Hague Service Convention or Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Commercial or Civil Matters is a multilateral pact providing valuable means, to litigants, of serving documents on parties that live or operate or are based in some other country.

In an official statement by Fortis Healthcare, they state that they have firm grounds in their favor. The healthcare major further adds that it can prove that the allegations against it are wrong, based on these grounds. At this point of time, regarding this matter, the FHL won’t be facing any operational or financial implications. The healthcare organization firm believed it can dismiss the charges and there will not be any financial damages for a wrong complaint.

The authorities of Fortis Healthcare further added that if they receive any complaints according to the laws or Convention, they will take the necessary action. They will adopt the legal way of taking action against the complainants and seek the dismissal of the charges. The organization is in talks with its legal advisory board for collecting information on relevant provisions of law that will help them come out without any allegations.

IHH Healthcare Berhad is the holding company of Fortis Healthcare Ltd. It had obtained nearly 32% stake in Fortis Healthcare in the year 2018. The organization is waiting for the complaint as applicable by the laws, before taking any action. The shares of the organization, however, closed higher even after the complaint was made by Emqore Envesecure. As of now, everyone awaits the complaint or a statement by the Hague Service Convention before taking any action or releasing any official statement in this matter.

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