Dr. K.S. Iyer

Dr. Krishna Subramony
Dr. K.S. Iyer

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi


Dr. K.S. Iyer
Chief Consultant, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, India 

Profile Snapshot

  • Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer is one of the best Pediatric Cardiac surgeons in India and specializes in congenital heart diseases.
  • He has been practicing pediatric cardiac surgery for over 3 decades and has performed more than 10,000 surgeries through various procedures like double switch operation TAPVC repairs, Fontan and Fontan, arterial switch and DORV.
  • He has been associated with Escorts Heart Institute for a long time and is responsible for establishing the first pediatric cardiac care program in North India in 199
  • His primary interest lies in the treatment of congenital heart defects and performed the first successful rapid two-stage arterial switch and double-switch surgeries in India.
  • Dr. Iyer is among the very few pediatric cardiac surgeons in the country to perform neonatal and infant cardiac procedures. He specializes in complex neonatal cardiac surgeries as well as surgeries in malnourished children.
  • He actively supports organizations that provide pediatric cardiac care and has been associated with such charities and associations that help the underprivileged children. He has been working with the principle to make pediatric cardiac surgery affordable and within the limits of the poorer sections without having to compromise on the quality.
  • With an equal interest in research, Dr. Iyer has more than 100 publications on pediatric cardiac care in renowned national and international medical journals. He has also authored several books on pediatric and neonatal cardiac surgery.
  • He attends conferences, seminars, meetings as a lecturer to deliver talks and present papers. He has chaired several sessions in the national and international forums for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and organized workshops to promote pediatric and congenital heart surgery in India.


  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
  • Surgery for both simple and complex Congenital Heart diseases in pediatrics and adults
  • Cardiac surgery in malnourished infants and children
  • Complex Transposition surgery
  • Salvaging for Late presenting Congenital Heart diseases
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Complex neonatal surgery
  • Fontan procedure
  • Double switch operation TAPVC repairs
  • Surgery through arterial switch procedures
  • Conduit repairs
  • One-stage and multi-stage corrections for congenital heart defects
  • Rapid two-stage arterial switch and double-switch surgery

Work Experience

  • Chief Consultant of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute since 1995
  • Associate and Assistant Professor of Cardio thoracic and Vascular Surgery at All India Institute of Medical Studies, New Delhi from 1985 to 1995


  • MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 1978
  • MS in General surgery from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 1981
  • MCh in CTVS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 1984
  • Senior Fellow of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, 1989
  • Fellow of Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons


  • Founder, Pediatric Cardiac Society of India (Former President and Vice President)
  • Founder and Former President, Asia-Pacific Pediatric Cardiac Society
  • Steering Committee for World Congress of Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
  • American Association of Thoracic Surgeons
  • Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons
  • Governing Council member, World Society of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery
  • Governing Council member, Asian Society of Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery
  • Speciality Board member, National Board of Examinations
  • Annals of Pediatric Cardiology, Editorial board member
  • Pediatric Cardiology, Editorial board member
  • Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Editor in Chief

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