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Cost of Tennis Elbow (Severe Lateral Epicondylitis) Treatment in India

Following is general estimate of the cost of Tennis Elbow (Severe Lateral Epicondylitis) Treatment in India:
TreatmentCostDays in hospitalDays outside hospitalTotal stay in India
Tennis Elbow (Severe Lateral Epicondylitis) TreatmentUSD 3000

Tennis Elbow Surgery

Tennis elbow is swelling and pain in your elbow. It’s caused by damage to the tendons in your arm that connect your muscles to your elbow bone.

Usually Tennis Elbow can be treated with rest, pain relievers or an elbow cast. But if the pain persists for more than 6 months than the doctor might advise surgery.

Surgical options for Tennis Elbow are:

Open surgery

The doctor makes a cut above the bone on the side of your elbow. Then the doctor removes the damaged piece of tendon and reattaches the healthy part back to the bone. The doctor might also remove a tiny piece of bone in your elbow to improve blood flow and help the area heal faster.

Arthroscopic surgery

During this procedure, the surgeon makes a few tiny cuts in the skin over your elbow. Very small instruments and a camera go into the holes. The surgeon removes the damaged parts of your tendon.

With either type of surgery, the opening is closed with sutures (a row of stitches) or staples. Then it’s covered with a bandage or other dressing. The patient can go home on the same day as the surgery.