Next, vaccination Passports for International Travelers?

Next, vaccination Passports for International Travelers

International air travel should be back with a boom in 2021, but there might be a new rule: Travelers to certain countries are required to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus before they are allowed to fly. News about development of the vaccine has given airlines and nations hope that they might soon be able to revive suspended flight routes as well as dust off lucrative tourism plans.

Alan Joyce, Chief Executive of Qantas, has announced that once a virus vaccine is available widely, passengers will likely be required to use it before they will be able to travel abroad or land in Australia. He has also been talking to his counterparts at other airlines over the world, regarding the possibility of a ‘vaccination passport` for international flyers. He added that they were looking at ways to verify electronically if people have taken the required necessary vaccine.

Korean Air, largest airline of South Korea, has a similar message. A spokesperson said that proof of vaccination for passengers is going to be very likely.

News Source: ET

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