Asma Assad Leukemia

On Tuesday, the official handle of Syrian Presidency released a statement which stated that the first lady of Syria, Asma al-Assad, President Bashar al-Assad’s wife, has been diagnosed with leukemia. She was earlier diagnosed with breast cancer, however in 2019, she herself declared that she was “totally” clear of breast cancer following a year-long battle with the illness.

The statement, released on Tuesday said, “First Lady Asma al-Assad has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.” Acute myeloid leukemia is a type of blood cancer that initially develops in the bone marrow – the soft, inner region of some bones—where new blood cells are produced. The cancer typically spreads into the bloodstream. However, in certain cases, the cancer can also spread to other areas such as the testicles, liver, spleen, central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), lymph nodes, and other regions of the body.

The statement further revealed that Asma will follow a “specialized treatment protocol” where she will have to remain in isolation for a while so as to prevent any risk of infections. Apart from that, it also stated that she will “temporarily withdraw from all direct engagements as part of her treatment plan.”

Asma, a former investment banker, who was born in Britain in 1975, portrayed herself as the progressive ray of light in the Assad family, before Syria was engaged in a civil conflict in 2011. She was even hailed as “A Rose in the Desert” in the cover story of the US Vogue magazine.

However, her time as the first lady of Syria hasn’t been a bed of roses. It has had its own controversies where some have even accused her of gaining control over Syria’s economy. An economic magazine called the Syria Report brought attention to how profitable the humanitarian business is in Syria, especially for those under sanctions like Asma.

But despite all the on-going controversies, it is still disheartening to learn about Asma’s leukemia diagnosis. Leukemia is quite a serious concern and negligence to such a disease can further lead to fatality. Hence, it’s important to go for early screening and start the treatment at the earliest so that it doesn’t spread to other parts of the body.

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