Never ignore these signs of Breast Cancer

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In our daily life, we notice many changes in our body. Out of them, some changes that seem normal can be a possible indicator of disease. With rising cases of Breast Cancer, it is important to notice the signs of change in your body. The symptoms, if overlooked can make the condition even worse.

A breast lump is one of the possible sign of breast cancer. It can cause several other changes to the skin around the breast.

In addition, there are some potential signs that may occur without a lump in the breast. If you notice new symptoms in your body, you should see a doctor to check for the condition. The early screening and diagnosis can help detect breast cancer in early stage.

Here are some warning signs of breast cancer you should never ignore:

1. Lump in the breast and armpit:

If you notice a hard lump in your breast or around your armpit, then it’s time to get a mammography done. Seeking medical help is imperative to rule out the condition.

2. Rash across the breast:

A rash across one or both breasts can be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Change in the skin may make it appear bruised or discolored. It’s vital to seek medical advice to check about these changes.

3. Thickening of the nipple:

When you feel the change in nipple’s appearance such as thicker than normal or change in the texture then it’s worth investigating. We should never ignore any change in the skin in that area.

4. Hardening of breast:

If you feel hardening around the area of your breast, you need to pay attention to it. It could be an early indicator of breast cancer, so better to get it checked.

5. Nipple discharge:

Usually, there is no discharge from the nipples unless you’re pregnant or just had a baby, but if you notice discharge from your nipples, it’s a sign to visit your doctor immediately.

6. Change in the texture of skin around the breasts:

The skin around the breast is soft and supple but if you notice any change in the texture of the skin around the breasts, then it is a warning sign. Breast cancer can cause changes and inflammation in skin cells that can cause texture change.

7. Breast or nipple pain:

Although Breast cancer is painless, it is important not to ignore the symptoms that can occur due to it. It can cause change in skin cells that lead to feeling of pain and discomfort in the breast.

8. Lymph node changes:

Lymph nodes are small, rounded collections of immune system that filter fluid. If the cancer cell leaves the breast, it travels to the underarm lymph node region on the same side of the affected breast. This can cause swelling in that area. It is advisable to consult a doctor about these changes so that they can identify the potential cause.

9. Nipple retraction:

The cell changes behind the nipple can cause nipple inversion or retraction and it may look different in size. Nipple change can also occur during ovulation or menstrual cycle, but it is good to see a doctor for any changes in nipple.

When to consult a doctor?

For any change in the breast, you can consult a doctor. Though changes can occur due to various factors, visiting a doctor can help in early treatment. A doctor can evaluate the symptoms, examine the affected breast or breasts, and suggest a treatment to rule out the infection.

Though various conditions such as cysts, infections, eczema, and dermatitis that can cause breast changes, however, you should not automatically rule out breast cancer.

Seeing a doctor for evaluation and diagnosis determine whether the breast changes are cause for concern. Proper self-examination and medical test can detect the condition early which increases your chances of quick and effective recovery.

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