How to save money in treatment abroad

How to save money in treatment abroad

Medical Treatment is almost always an expensive affair unless your country has a robust public healthcare system. However, treatment becomes even more expensive affair when you consider treatment abroad. This is because of the following major factors:

  • Cost of Travel- Treatment to a foreign country almost always requires a short to long-distance air travel. Naturally, this is an extra cost


  • Cost of attendant – For most treatment, you need to take atleast one attendant with you. The travel fare of the attendant is also an extra cost


  • Visa Fees – Although not too high, but there is also a cost of visa application that you have to consider in your total costs.


  • Accommodation – The cost of accommodation (hotel or guest house stay) is also an extra cost when you are considering treatment outside your home town


  • Cost of treatment – Treatment in India is generally quite affordable when compared to the cost of treatment in developed countries like North America (US, Canada) or Europe, Australia etc. However, it may not be as much affordable for a patient traveling from a developing country of Africa or South Asia. This is because, as International Patient, you will be coming to one of the top hospitals in India which offer world-class treatment, and hence, the cost will also be higher than that of the cost of treatment will naturally be more than the cost of an average hospital in a developing country.


In view of the aforesaid factors, we understand that treatment abroad is generally an expensive affair for lower income or middle income people like us. However, treatment is essential and if your country doesn’t have good healthcare facility or if it is very expensive and you don’t have healthcare coverage, then you need to consider traveling to a country like India where you can get best healthcare at relatively lower rate.

So, here are some of the tips to make your treatment a little less expensive:

Compare Costs between 2-3 hospitals.

Don’t blindly jump at one hospital. We will help you with quote from 2-3 top hospitals so that you can compare and decide wherever you get the most convincing treatment plan and best cost estimate. Although generally speaking, the cost between hospitals of similar quality won’t be much. But even if you manage to save a few hundred dollars and still get best treatment, it doesn’t harm. Right?

Book your Air Ticket in advance

This is another thing where you can save quite some money if you plan in advance. Airfares get cheaper as you get closer to travel date. Hence, try to fix the date well in advance. Infact, even now when we are at a early stage of discussion, you should start checking the air tickets. You may easily check on sites like Expedia or ClearTrip or MakeMyTrip

Book your hotel or guest house in advance

Once you finalize your hospital, and book your travel, it is time to book your hotel or guest house. Although there are generally many hotels and guest houses close to the bigger hospitals. However, the top rated guest houses get booked days or even weeks in advance. Hence, it would be a wise idea to book your hotel or guest house in advance so that you can get the best guest house. Booking early means you also get a discounted rate at most guest houses or hotels. So you save some money. You can check guest house options on OyoRooms or AirBnb.

Avail Free Airport Pick-up & Drop

Almost all top hospitals provide free airport pick-up and drop facility for international patients. However, you have to request for the same in advance in the proper process. Our team will help you avail this free service. We strongly recommend you to avail this facility as it will not just save you money, but will also ensure that you have a safe travel from airport to hospital or guest house.

Pack some local spices while traveling

Most of the guest houses have kitchen facility where you can cook. It is strongly recommended that you get some spices of your home country so that you can cook homely food once in India. This way, you will not just save a lot of money in terms of food bills, but also eat healthy home food through your stay.

Avail our Free Interpretation Service

If patient or attendant are not able to communicate in English, you will need an interpreter to help you during your hospital process and in market visits and local travel. Inform us well in advance so that we can provide you an interpreter free of any service charge to help you with all essential services. This way also, you will end up saving a good amount of money.

We hope you find this article helpful. Wishing you the best treatment experience in India!

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