Cyberknife Radiosurgery for Breast Cancer

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Cancer forming in the breast cells is called breast cancer which is the second most common cancer amongst women. Although there is a gradual decline in the mortality rates due to breast cancer, early detection of the condition remains an important part of developing an understanding of Breast Cancer. In some cases, men can also suffer from Breast Cancer but there is a visible female predilection for the condition. A majority of breast lumps are not malignant (or cancerous) but benign. Such tumors do not spread beyond the breasts although they are abnormal growths.

Radiotherapy as a treatment option for Breast Cancer

Radiotherapy is becoming a preferable option when it comes to treating Breast Cancer. Cyberknife Radiotherapy has nothing to do with cutting or incisions and causes no pain. It is the best treatment alternative to surgeries for breast cancer as it does not require a hospital stay. This cancer treatment technology delivers high doses of radiation to the cancerous tissue with accuracy while preventing exposure to the surrounding normal tissues. Cyberknife Radiosurgery requires comparatively less time than traditional radiation therapy for completing the treatment. The treatment completes in 5 to 7 sessions over a few days with each session lasting about 60 to 90 minutes.

The advantages of Cyberknife treatment for breast cancer

The chief benefit of Cyberknife Radiosurgery is that it ensures lesser irradiation of the normal tissues that surround the cancerous tumor. It is a convenient procedure performed on an outpatient basis. The patients can return to their routine activity following the procedure. Cyberknife Radiosurgery is usually performed when there is a recurrence of the tumor following the conventional treatment or if the tumor is inoperable. This is an effective treatment that is offering high survival rates for breast cancer patients.

How & where to get Cyberknife treatment

Cyberknife Machines are extremely expensive, and operating Cyberknife requires high level of expertise. Thus, it is done at only the most premium hospitals globally. Fortunately, quite a few top hospitals in India have cyberknife and have expert doctors (majorly neurosurgeons & radiation therapists) for the same. We have a listing of the best cyberknife doctors in India who work at India’s finest hospitals and have great expertise in cyberknife. You may also check the cost of cyberknife treatment in India for better planning of treatment.


Cyberknife radiosurgery is used in patients with breast cancer who have inoperable cancer tumors or who do not wish to undergo surgery for the same. If the tumor is surgically complex or the patient’s health is compromised, cyberknife treatment is a desirable option.
In comparison to traditional radiation therapies, Cyberknife Radiosurgery takes barely two weeks with a few sessions. The results of the treatment are exceptionally good with lesser side effects and more precision.
The accuracy of cyberknife radiosurgery has made it the first choice of treatment for cancerous tumors. People do not require any surgical treatment following cyberknife radiosurgery as it destroys the cancer tumor.
The cyberknife system has a robotic arm attached to it that delivers radiation to the tumor from different angles. The radiations are highly focused to stop the growth of tumors with no irradiation of healthy tissues.
Well, one must go for cyberknife treatment instead of traditional radiation therapy. Traditional radiation treatment exposes normal tissues to radiation and may cause serious side effects.

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