Shocking risk of COVID-19 in men: Penis can get smaller !

male problems

A 4 cm shrink has been reported by a man in US  who had COVID. The doctors claimed that this problem cannot be fixed. Top urologists globally say that penis problems due to COVID are real. We also discussed with some of the top urologists in India and their view was also similar. This confirmation has also come from the famous British tabloid, The SUN.

The shrinkage happens due to the damaged blood vessels in the penis. The patient was interviewed with the podcast: How to do it and revealed some shocking facts. He began the interview by saying that he is a straight man in his 30’s and contracted COVID last year in June.

After the recovery, he started witnessing erectile dysfunction and sex issues. According to him, his penis size was above average and now with the shrink, it has gone below average. The doctors who treated this issue said that it is permanent vascular damage and it has no cure.

Erectile dysfunction is a red flag for shrinkage

With the shrinkage, the man has been having problems in self-confidence and his performance in bed. One of the famous American urologists named Ashley Winter said that when erectile dysfunction comes into effect, then that signifies blood is not reaching his penis fully which can ultimately result in a shorter penis.

The research proof

The world health journal of men took into account two men who reported erectile dysfunction after recovery. Before that, they had a normal proper flood to the penis and hence there were no sexual problems.  As soon as Covid interacted with endothelial cells in the penis proper blood flow was restricted and erectile dysfunction was caused.

Should you worry?

Penis size doesn’t define a man and his personality. Besides, the issue is not as widely reported or found. It does not yet  seem to be a widespread issue. Nevertheless, it is another strong reason to: get Vaccinated!

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