COVID-19: A Look Inside the Epidemic & How to Prevent It

COVID-19 A Look Inside the Epidemic & How to Prevent It
Foreign relations are getting hampered, the travel and tourism industry is suffering some major setbacks, and amongst all, something as simple as a common viral flu claimed the mortality rate of two to three per cent, affecting thousands of others in its way.
On 11th March 2020. The World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a pandemic, an epidemic that has been rapidly spreading its presence across all big and small countries and continents across the world. A pandemic, in simple words, is described as a disease that is spreading at a rapid rate in multiple countries at the same time and the COVID-19 or Coronavirus, as it’s popularly known as, has caused quite an alarming situation in the healthcare sector. This quick read is for everyone who’s yet to give in to this lethal virus- let’s take a look into how exactly does COVID-19 affects us and how can we ward off this virus in an effective manner.

The Spread

Before we move into disease prevention, let’s take a look at how this virus started spreading in the first place. It all started with general flu-like symptoms and through sneeze and cough droplets the virus was transmitted into the air. Touching surfaces contaminated with the virus and touching your face, particularly your nose, mouth, or eyes, further helped in the spread of this viral pandemic.


Certain health, age, or demographic conditions make people more susceptible to this virus. This is a common phenomenon wherein people with weak immune system are usually the first ones to contract a viral invasion. We are talking about newborn babies, infants, young children, pregnant mothers, aged seniors, or people who suffer from chronic health issues.

The Effect

The virus travels through your throat, eyes, nose or mouth to the mucous membrane at the back of your throat and latches itself to one of the cell membranes there. The contaminated cell affected by the virus will in turn exhibit abnormal behaviour, multiplying rapidly and spreading into the neighbouring cells. This is why the first-ever symptoms of coronavirus include a sore throat and a dry-cough to begin with.

The virus next starts climbing down the bronchial tube making its way to the lungs. On reaching the lungs, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed and may proceed to the damage the lung sacs. This is when the second stage of symptoms show up which is breathlessness or shortage of breath. The virus, given time and favourable conditions, can destroy the lung and bronchial system completely resulting in lethal contingencies like death.


Prevention has always been better than cure which is majorly why health experts around the world are encouraging people to opt for preventative manners. We are discussing some of the most basic and common prevention techniques recommended by health professionals around the world.
  • Sneezing/ Coughing- Along with the virus, the flu season is on to us which means a lot of us could be suffering from either the common flu or the virus. Since both can be heavily contagious, doctors recommend to always use handkerchiefs or your elbow to cover up a cough or a sneeze. This would restrict the spread of flu or virus into the air. DO NOT use the palms of your hand to cover your cough or sneeze and in case you do, wash your hands vigorously with soap or sanitizer.


  • Keep your surrounding or area germ-free and avoid contact with each other or using your hand to touch your nose, mouth, or eyes at all costs. This is an ideal time to retrace our roots back to our Namaste. Folding hands are the new handshakes this viral season.


  • Wash and sanitize your hand before every meal and whenever you’re coming back from somewhere.


  • If you feel the symptoms showing up, get yourself thoroughly checked or tested before for flue or virus. This can not only save you from falling prey to this deadly virus but also help people in and around you to stay protected.


  • People with low or weakened immune system due to age or chronic illnesses should take extra precaution. Staying hydrated, following a steady sleep routine, maintaining nutrition in diets and exercising can make your immune system stronger.

End Note

Coronavirus is rapidly progressing through countries with affected rates benchmarking 2020. It’s high time we all proactively take part in curbing this viral invasion with a lifestyle and hygiene check and most importantly, by ensuring we are not spreading the flu or virus from our end.

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