Compulsory 7-Day Quarantine For All International Travelers Arriving In India


As the number of cases has increased due to the new variant of the corona virus, the Ministry of Health has ordered all international passengers arriving in India to be self-quarantined for seven days and tested themselves on the eight days of arrival.

As per the statement from Health Ministry “All passengers (including those 2% who were random tested upon arrival and found negative) will undergo home quarantine for 7 days and shall undertake RT-PCR test on the eight day of arrival in India).

The Ministry of Health also continued its previous criteria of testing all passengers arriving from countries classified as “at risk” by the Indian government.

All passengers from ‘at risk’ countries will be tested upon arrival in India. Passengers are advised to book tests in advance.

The list of countries currently ‘at risk’ includes Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Europe and the United Kingdom, Mauritius, South Africa, and several countries in Africa.

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