How To Get A Medical Visa To India

How to get a medical visa to India

Medical Visa

A Medical Visa is a visa that is issued to those people who are seeking medical treatment in specialized hospitals or treatment centres in India. If you are planning to come to India for any treatment, you should travel on a medical visa only.

Requirements for Medical Visa to India

  • People traveling from the below-mentioned countries should have Yellow Fever vaccination certificate as per Govt. of India directives


  • All passengers arriving in India w. e. f 14th February 2014 from Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia must carry Oral Polio Vaccination (OPV) Certificate taken six weeks before entry. This certificate is obligatory for both Adults and Children


  • Tourists from mentioned countries should possess a valid record of vaccination for polio.


  • It is important that the patient should carry a certification – IHR 2005 International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis from a hospital or the centre administrating OPV by the Government of the patient’s respective country


  • Indian Missions and Posts check every medical document meticulously to ensure the credibility of the visa request

Eligibility for Medical Visa to India

  • Applicant or patient must have recommendations for specialized treatment on the basis of preliminary medical check-up and treatment from the medical experts of residence country


  • All ailments does not qualify for a medical visa


  • A separate Medical Attendant visa is issued to blood relatives who accompany the applicant or patient. Up to two attendants are allowed to accompany the applicant & their visa validity is same as the patient’s medical visa

Medical conditions eligible for an Indian Visa

  • Neurosurgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Organ transplant
  • Joint replacement
  • Gene therapy
  • Plastic surgery
  • Renal problems
  • Congenital disorders
  • Radio-Therapy
  • Patients seeking Ayurveda treatment

Documents required for Medical Visa to India

  • Passport with 6 month validity
  • Recent Passport size photographs
  • Photo copy of passport
  • Copy of online Visa application form
  • Proof of residential address
  • Recommendation the home country doctor to visit particular specialized medical center for treatment
  • Passport copy of attendant (for Attendant visas)
  • Proof of relationship with attendant (for Attendant visas)
  • Medical reports from the doctor/medical institution

For Minors:

  • Proof of address from both parents & a legal guardian may be submitted.
  • A copy containing the picture & signature page of both parents signed passports

Visa invitation letter

When an applicant apply for a medical visa, a visa invitation letter is required. A visa invitation letter is a formal document which the hospital send to the patient stating that the hospital sanctions his or her medical treatment in that hospital of the country. It also serves a proof that the patient has indeed made a contact with the hospital and will be having his or her treatment there.

The visa invitation letter consists of the patient details as well as the details of his or her ailment, the treatment procedure and duration of the treatment involved.

To get a visa invitation letter, contact us.

Visa Fee (in USD) (on date of publishing this article):

  • US Citizens: $147.70 ( 1 year triple entry); $107.70 (6 months triple entry)
  • Other Nationals $127.70 ( 1 year triple entry); $87.70 (6 months triple entry)
  • Sri Lanka citizens $34.70 ( 1 year triple entry); $31.71 (6 months triple entry)
  • United Kingdom citizens $136.70 ( 1 year triple entry); $136.70 (6 months triple entry)

Medical Visa extension

  • Applicants photo
  • Photocopy of passport, page indicating validity of passport, page bearing arrival Stamp of Indian Immigration &Visa with endorsement.
  • Residence proof- If staying at a relative’s or friend’s place then a copy of electricity bill/ landline telephone/municipal bill, If staying at a hotel then Form C from the hotel & if staying at rented accommodation then copy of lease agreement.
  • Letter from the hospital where the patient is undergoing treatment mentioning the duration of treatment & period of extension.
  • Residential permit


FRRO stands for Foreigners Regional Registration Office (India). It is an agency that regulates registration, movement, stay, departure and also recommends the extension of stay in India. The applicant needs to register at the FRRO within 14 days of the arrival in India.

Online Visa Application for India

Following is the link for online visa application to India:

(Register under Normal Visa Application)

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