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In the field of healthcare where progress often appears incremental, rarely does a company overturn the existing status quo and brings in a revolution. But Apollo Hospitals turns out to be an exception in this matter. Apollo Hospitals has not only changed the entire narrative but has also proved to be a testament to this transformative power.

Having been founded in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Apollo Hospitals has not only been India’s first corporate hospital but has also been a trailblazer that has changed the perception of healthcare for the whole country. It created a revolution in the private healthcare sector that continues to drive the medical practice all through Asia today.

With an extensive chain of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, and pharmacies all throughout India, Apollo Hospitals has created a name for itself which gets resonated with quality, trust, and expertise.

Brief Overview of the Apollo Hospitals Group

Apollo Hospitals is a private healthcare group in India, with its headquarters based in Chennai. Established in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, the group offers a wide range of medical treatments and services across various specialties. It is renowned for emphasizing innovation and utilizing cutting-edge medical technologies into patient treatment. Known as India’s first corporate hospital, Apollo Hospitals is often credited for pioneering the private healthcare revolution in the country.

With clinics and hospitals located all throughout India, Apollo Hospitals is a nationwide healthcare organization. Its presence can also be found in foreign countries. Preventive health examinations, medical and surgical treatment, and diagnostic centres are just a few of the services that the Apollo group provides. The group has several centres of expertise, including Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, Emergency Care, Cancer Care, and Organ Transplantation.

Thanks to its advanced approach, today, Apollo Hospitals stands at a higher position in every aspect of the healthcare delivery network. The Group has a vast healthcare network that encompasses 73+ hospitals with about 10,000 beds, over 5000 pharmacies, more than 400 clinics, and 200+ telemedicine units across 9 countries. This comprehensive network extends further with over 1100 diagnostic centres and a team of more than 11,000 doctors across various regions.

Apart from that, the Apollo Group offers various other services to their patients including health insurance, consulting services, and education through 15 academic institutions. Apollo’s Research Foundation focuses on advanced medical techniques and promotes studies on global clinical trials, epidemiological studies, stem-cell and genetic research.

Furthermore, the Group’s unwavering dedication to innovation and research has led to a number of ground-breaking milestones. These include advancement in the treatment of cancer and organ transplants, development in the field of robotic surgery, completion of the nation’s first ever liver transplant, and much more.

Apollo’s Vision

Ever since its inception in 1983, Apollo Hospitals have always had one aim in mind and that is to “bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual.”

Apollo’s vision is “to touch a billion lives”. This demonstrates the Group’s ambition to reach a large number of people with its services and its desire to have a substantial influence in the healthcare sector worldwide.

Today, Apollo Hospitals has reached a stage where it’s safe to say that it has accomplished almost all its missions. So far it has managed to impact and enrich 42 million lives across 120 countries.

Furthermore, Apollo Hospitals have managed to establish itself as a leading integrated healthcare provider in Asia. From hospitals and pharmacies to telemedicine and health insurance, Apollo Hospitals has managed to mark its presence everywhere.

But what truly makes Apollo stand out amongst the rest, though, is its relentless commitment to excellence. It has embraced new technologies and has introduced ground-breaking innovations, such as the first Proton Therapy Centre in South East Asia.

And not just that; since its establishment, Apollo Hospitals has been honored by the trust of over 150 million individuals from 140 countries. Numerous patients now have hope due to the brand’s patient-centric approach, which promotes Tender Loving Care (TLC).

Apollo Hospitals Achievements

Apollo Hospitals has long been renowned for their innovative medical treatments and patient care. From pioneering heart transplants in the early 1980s to providing state-of-the-art robotic procedures, Apollo Hospitals have come a long way. A few of its noteworthy achievements throughout its journey are:

  • The world’s first and largest Artificial Pulmonary Valve (measuring 32mm) was successfully implanted at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai without requiring surgery.
  • The first Transfemoral Pulmonary Valve Implant using the MYVAL valve, which is manufactured in India, was carried out by Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.
  • Apollo Hospitals in Chennai have successfully completed more than 50,000 cardiac treatments, including minimally invasive procedures, bypass surgery, valve replacements, pediatric cardiac procedures, and transplants.
  • Asia’s first simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas Transplant was carried out on a 38-year-old patient by Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.
  • An 11-month-old infant from Oman had India’s first successful combined cardiac and tracheal surgery at Apollo Children’s Hospital in Chennai.
  • A 35-year-old patient from Oman had India’s first whole marrow radiation procedure at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai.
  • The most number of Combined Heart and Double Lung Transplants in India are completed at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.
  • The oldest recorded recipient in India underwent a successful combination heart and lung transplant at Apollo Hospital in Chennai.
  • The first successful simultaneous Liver-Intestine-Pancreas transplant in India was carried out at Apollo Hospital in Chennai.
  • The largest series of stentless heart valve bioprosthesis aortic valve replacement procedures were carried out at Apollo Hospital.
  • Stealth Surgery, a subcutaneous endoscopic procedure (which deals with scarring related concerns) was performed at Apollo Children’s Hospital in Chennai.
  • The first donor incompatible kidney transplant employing the column adsorption of blood type antibodies method was carried out at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.
  • Apollo Hospitals launched some state-of-the-art techniques such as trans-radial angioplasty and stenting, mitral valve replacement, and off-pump and beating-heart surgery (either by thoracotomy or classical sternotomy).
  • The Apollo Bramwell Stem Cell Therapy Program was introduced by Apollo Bramwell Hospital Mauritius in collaboration with Global Biohealth Solutions.
  • The first American to receive a successful heart transplant at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai was also the nation’s oldest recipient of the procedure.
  • Apollo Hospital was the first in Chennai to use the latest M guard stent technology, a specifically engineered mesh covered stent, which was utilized to save a 27-year-old man from an acute heart attack.
  • The first iPod Navigation Hip Resurfacing Surgery was successfully carried out at Apollo Speciality Hospitals in Chennai.
  • Apollo Hospitals Chennai was successful in treating an 8-year-old Omani child with vascular reconstructive surgery who had intestinal gangrene, uncontrollably high blood pressure, and imminent kidney failure.
  • By equalizing limbs and using the llizarov technique to repair deformities, Apollo brought about an unparalleled breakthrough in orthopedics.
  • For the first time in India and the second time worldwide, Apollo Hospitals in Chennai conducted a double lung transplant to treat a patient with the genetic disorder Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS).
  • The first comprehensive BMT Unit in Eastern India was introduced by Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi started offering Robotic Surgery in the fields of Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, from April to June 2012.
  • Apollo Health City Hyderabad started doing Robotic Procedures in the fields of Urology and Gynecology, from April to June 2012.
  • In 2012, the first coronary angioplasty in India was carried out at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad using a fully absorbable stent-bioresorbable vascular scaffold or absorb-BVS.
  • From April to June 2012, pediatric surgeons at Apollo Children’s Hospital in Chennai developed their own set of standard procedures for valve repair.
  • In 1995, Apollo Hospitals carried out its first BMT, as well as the nation’s first multi organ transplant.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi successfully performed over 500 liver transplants in February, 2011.
  • Apollo Hospitals was the first to offer artery stenting in India by 1992.
  • Apollo Hospitals was the first private healthcare provider in India to perform a heart transplant in 1995.
  • In the early 1980s, Apollo Hospitals paved the way for cardiac catheterization and open heart surgery.
  • Apollo Children’s Hospital successfully treated conjoined female twins from Tanzania with Thoraco Omphalopagus.
  • The first Robotic Surgery of its kind in Tamil Nadu was successfully completed for cancer at the base of the tongue at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai.
  • The first ever bilateral (on both knees) Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (Resurface) Surgery (MIKRS) was carried out at Apollo Health City in Hyderabad by employing the OrthoGlide Medial Knee system.
  • The Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement procedure, which is the first of its type in South India, is the means by which Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, presents “the Ideal Knee” – the future of Total Knee Replacement.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad performed the first-ever complex and uncommon heart surgery on a severely unwell eleven-day-old newborn.
  • Apollo hospital in Chennai is one of the very few transplant hospitals worldwide to successfully complete Asia’s first en-bloc combination heart and liver transplant.

Top Apollo Hospitals in India

Apollo Hospitals have a vast chain of hospitals across various cities in India. These multispecialty hospitals are known for their top-notch treatment and high-quality patient care. The hospitals have a range of specialties that offer the best treatment for different medical conditions. Taking a closer look at these different Apollo Hospitals will help you to decide which facility would be best suitable for your needs.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi is the country’s first hospital to receive the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) for five years in a row. With over 700 beds, it is one of the top multispecialty tertiary acute care hospitals in India. Ranked No.1 in several leading surveys, it is the most sought-after location for healthcare delivery in the SAARC area. With special emphasis on cardiac care, neurology, and critical care medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi offers a wide variety of treatments, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and a team of renowned medical professionals.

Location – Sarita Vihar Delhi Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110076 (India)

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Situated in the heart of Chennai, Apollo Hospitals Chennai is the flagship facility of the Apollo Hospitals Group that was established in 1983. With over 2000 bed capacity and more than 60 specialties, Apollo Hospital Chennai is one of the finest and most comprehensive tertiary care hospitals in Asia. Equipped with the latest medical technologies and a staff of highly qualified medical experts, the hospital provides comprehensive medical treatments ranging from neurology and cardiology to cancer care and organ transplantation. It is the most desired destination for patients from across India as well as around the globe.

Location – 21, Greams Lane, Off Greams Road Chennai – 600006

Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

Located in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, Apollo Health City is a world-renowned medical facility that provides outstanding care and treatment to patients coming from different parts of the world. This 550-bed multispecialty hospital with 50 specialties and 12 Centres of Excellence continues to deliver outstanding outcomes for patients with the simplest to the most complicated medical conditions. Backed by the latest medical equipments and a dedicated team of professionals, the hospital provides comprehensive treatment across various specialties including, cardiology, critical care, neurosciences, cancer, orthopedics, gynecology, ENT, transplants, gastroenterology, etc.

Location – Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India

The Apollo Hospitals, Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals Bangalore is a 300-bed multispecialty hospital situated in Banerghatta Road in Bangalore. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, it is a leading hospital dedicated to providing healthcare needs to patients with compassion and expertise. It is the first hospital to have completed the highest number of Robot Assisted Heart Surgeries in India. Over the years, it has successfully conducted some of the rarest medical procedures such as spinal angiolipoma excision, autologous chondrocyte implantations, and tibial tuberosity shift with MPSL reconstruction. The hospital also has the reputation of performing the greatest series of airway stents in the country. Additionally, the hospital is known for providing comprehensive treatment in specialties such as gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, oncology, colorectal surgery, etc.

Location – 154 / 11, Bannerghatta Road Opp. I.I.M Bangalore – 560 076

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals is a 750-bed multispecialty tertiary care hospital situated in Kolkata. The facility is a complete blend of cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and genuine hospitality. Focusing on critical care, gastroenterology, and oncology, the hospital provides all-inclusive medical treatments supported by cutting-edge technology and a staff of highly qualified medical specialists. Additionally, it is also known for performing the first ever Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis Replacement in East India.

Location – 58, Canal Circular Road Kolkata – 700 054

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai is one of Maharashtra’s most advanced multispecialty hospital. This 500-bedded hospital provides sophisticated treatments and integrated super specialty services under one roof. The hospital boasts a team of renowned medical specialists who offer accurate diagnosis and treatment with easy accessibility to their patients. Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai has been recognized by both the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and the Joint Commission International (JCI). Additionally, the hospital offers highly customized, individualized health check programs that are made to fit each person’s needs in terms of lifestyle.

Location – Parsik Hill Road, Sector 23, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614

Apollo Hospitals International Limited, Ahmedabad

As a member of the Apollo Hospitals Group, Apollo Hospitals International Limited is one of the most popular and sought-after medical facilities in Gujarat. Through its 6 Centres of Excellence and various affiliated branches, which cover all specialties and subspecialties, the hospital provides the most advanced clinical services. It also provides each patient with the most up-to-date medical equipments and state-of-the-art technology. With more than 150 successful organ transplants, including liver and renal transplants, the facility has been able to build a strong and extensive organ transplant program.

In addition to performing 600 surgeries and caring for over 1800 patients on an IP basis, the hospital sees more than 18,000 patients on average in the outpatient department. With one of the biggest cardiology teams in the area, the hospital provides state-of-the-art regional care treatment in Cardiac Sciences. Additionally, the hospital offers a broad range of Neuro Interventional techniques to help stroke patients recover more quickly.

Location – Plot No.1A, Bhat GIDC Estate Dist. Airport Gandhinagar Road, Dist. Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad – 382428 Gujarat

Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore

Situated in the centre of Mysore, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore is a super-speciality tertiary care hospital, established in 2001. Today, it is considered to be one of the biggest private hospitals in Mysore and is also approved by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH). The hospital treats more than two million patients a year and is well-equipped with the latest medical technology. Its core specialties include Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Transplant Institutes, Cancer, Gastroenterology, and Emergency Care 24/7. It has highly qualified doctors and committed staff who are dedicated in providing the best medical care for the entire spectrum of facilities at the hospital.

Additionally, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore prioritizes excellence in clinical services, diagnostic amenities, and research endeavors so much so that it aims to enhance India’s worldwide reputation as a healthcare hub. Since it is the only hospital in Mysore to operate with a full-time specialized system, it ensures the availability and accessibility of only the best medical expertise around the clock. Some popular specializations for medical consultations, treatments, and operations at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore include Bariatric Surgery or Weight reduction surgery, Multiorgan Transplants, Holmium laser therapy for Prostate & Kidney stones treatment, and Laparoscopic treatment for Hernias, Fissures, and Breast lumps.

Location – Adhichunchanagiri Road Kuvempunagar, Mysore – 570 023

Apollo Adlux Hospital, Kochi

Apollo Adlux Hospital, Kochi is the first Apollo Hospital in Kerala and the 73rd hospital owned by Apollo Group in India. With the state’s most advanced, comprehensive healthcare infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, Apollo Adlux Hospital stands as an example of medical excellence in Kerala. With over 34 multi-specialty departments, the hospital believes in providing the best quality treatment to its patients at affordable rates, ensuring comfort at their difficult times.

The 300-bed hospital is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who delivers exceptional hospitality to their patients and treats them with great compassion. With its affiliation with the Apollo Hospitals Group, the hospital aims in providing patients with top-notch healthcare services while also serving communities in Kerala. The hospital has good railway and road connections, and is conveniently close to Cochin International Airport.

Location – Apollo Adlux Hospital Angamaly, Cable Junction, Ernakulam District, National Highway 47 Karukutty, Kerala 683576

Apollo Hospitals Subsidiaries

Apollo HealthCo

Apollo Hospital’s non-hospital pharmacy company Apollo Pharmacy and its digital healthcare division Apollo 24/7 merged to establish Apollo HealthCo in 2021.

Apollo Pharmacy

Initiated in 1987, Apollo Pharmacy is the biggest retail pharmacy in India with more than 5000 stores in across 21 states.

Apollo 24/7

Introduced in 2020, Apollo 24/7 is the group’s digital healthcare platform that provides a variety of services such as telehealth consultations, online purchase and delivery of medicines, in-home diagnostic services, etc.

Apollo Health and Lifestyle

The primary and secondary care division of the Apollo Group is called Apollo Health and Lifestyle. It runs mini-invasive surgical hospitals under the name Apollo Spectra, women’s and children’s hospitals under the name Apollo Cradle, fertility clinics under the name Apollo Fertility, diabetes clinics under the name Apollo Sugar, dental hospitals under the name Apollo White, dialysis centers under the name Apollo Dialysis, and multispecialty clinics under the name Apollo Clinics.

Health Initiatives by Apollo Hospitals

Imagine a healthcare system that not only prioritizes treating diseases but also maintaining the general health of the entire community. That’s the vision behind Apollo Hospital’s social initiatives.

Over the course of time, Apollo Hospitals have introduced various healthcare initiatives for the betterment of community.

To maintain India’s heart health, Apollo Hospitals actively promote preventive healthcare through campaigns like the “Billion Hearts Beating Foundation”. The idea behind this is to empower Indians with the knowledge to fight any kind of heart ailments.

Apollo Hospitals also support a number of charitable initiatives such as, the Cure Foundation’s cancer care initiative, SACHi’s (Save a Child’s Heart Initiative) cardiac care initiative for underprivileged children, and SAHI’s (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) hearing aid initiative for poor children with hearing impairment.

In the field of cancer care, Apollo Hospitals has teamed up with Yuvraj Singh’s YOUWECAN to arrange widespread cancer screenings in the country. The Group aggressively uses its mHealth and telemedicine skills to expand the reach of its screening programs to even the most remote areas of the nation.

Apollo Hospitals doesn’t stop there. Dr. Prathap C. Reddy’s dream project, the Total Heart Foundation is the Group’s most ambitious initiative. Through this pilot program, it aims to provide comprehensive healthcare to the Thavanampalle Mandal community of Andhra Pradesh, right from the moment of birth and throughout their lives.

This incredible journey so far only demonstrates Apollo Hospital’s commitment to improving people’s lives through its positive impact. Apollo’s narrative is one of innovation, empathy, and a strong dedication to India’s welfare.

How Apollo Hospitals Was Established

In the early 1980s, the healthcare landscape in India wasn’t that advanced. Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, a visionary doctor who had just returned from Boston, felt the need for a revolution. In 1971, on his father’s request, Dr. Reddy left a successful career in Boston and returned back to his home country, India. Upon his return, he found that the country’s medical sector had a lot of inadequacies in terms of delivery, infrastructure, and cost. Things started getting even worse when he lost a young patient due to insufficiencies and financial obligations as the patient could not afford to travel overseas for treatment. This incident marked a turning point in his life which further strengthened his resolve to bring high-quality medical care to India. Thus, he established the design for the first private sector multispecialty hospital in India. And that’s how Apollo Hospitals was born in 1983, pioneering the private healthcare sector in India.