Dr. Vinod Raina

Dr. Vinod Raina
Dr. Vinod Raina

Designation of Dr. Vinod Raina

Dr. Vinod Raina 
Medical Oncologist
Chairman – Medical Oncology
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, India 

Profile Snapshot of Dr. Vinod Raina

  • Dr. Vinod Raina is a distinguished figure in the field of Medical Oncology in India, with over 40 years of exemplary experience. He is currently associated with Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurugram where he is functioning as the Director and Head of Medical Oncology and Hematology.
  • His primary expertise lies in Chemo treatment and is the first to perform high-dose chemo in India. He also performed the first peripheral blood BMT in India.
  • Additionally, Dr. Raina possesses specialized expertise in treating a wide spectrum of cancers including Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Urological Cancer, Gynecological Cancer, Lymphoma, and Myeloma. His contributions extend to performing approximately 400 BMTs, enhancing treatment options for various cancers.
  • Before joining FMRI, Dr. Raina was part of other renowned cancer hospitals such as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) where during the last decade he has performed the largest number of cancer-related transplants in India.
  • He served as a Professor and Head of Medical Oncology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS), where he garnered immense respect for his knowledge and leadership.
  • Throughout his career, Dr. Raina has worked and provided his expertise to various hospitals and medical institutes both in India as well as abroad. During his stint at AIIMS, he was the Principal investigator of over 50 projects where he showcased his commitment to advancing oncology through rigorous scientific inquiry. He also co-founded the INDOX network, furthering collaborative research efforts in oncology.
  • Moreover, he has been conducting the DM course for Medical Oncology for the last 15 years and has trained more than 70 residents and DM students at AIIMS, many of whom occupy prominent positions in the field globally.
  • He also holds a keen interest in research works and has more than 200 publications in national and international medical journals worldwide.

Dr. Vinod Raina’s Expertise

  • Acute and Chronic Lymphoma and Leukemia 
  • BMT
  • Chemo treatment for Blood Cancer and solid organs
  • Concurrent BioRadio treatment, Palliative Bio- Chemo treatment
  • Treatment for solid cancers and cancer of the breast, head, neck, lungs, GI

Work Experience of Dr. Vinod Raina

  • Chairman – Medical Oncology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram (Present)
  • Professor and Head of Medical Oncology at AIIMS from 2001 to 2013
  • HOD of the Oncology Department at AIIMS from 2007 to 2013
  • Head of Cancer Centre at the Royal Hospital, Muscat from 2001 to 2004

Dr. Vinod Raina’s Qualifications

  • MBBS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • MD in Internal Medicine from All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • DM in Medical Oncology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Fellowships from the Royal College of Physicians, London, and Edinburgh

Awards & Recognitions received by Dr. Vinod Raina

  • Member of Royal College of Physicians, UK
  • Hon Research Fellow, Oxford University from 2005 to 2010
  • Head of Delhi Cancer Registry (AIIMS) from 2005 to 2010
  • Associate Editor of Annals of Oncology Journal from 2008 to 2011
  • Head of Record Station of Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (AIIMS)

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