Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

Chennai, India

Profile Snapshot of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai is the most sought-after private cancer hospital in India. It is an integrated facility that provides cutting-edge, all inclusive cancer treatment to patients all over the globe.
  • The hospital is a part of the renowned Apollo Group which has a large network of over 74 hospitals in India and across the globe. Out of the 74 hospitals, 21 of them are cancer centres. However, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is the only cancer hospital to have JCI accreditation.
  • The Centre, which was established on the principles of excellence and expertise, unites a formidable medical staff led by some of the most illustrious figures in cancer treatment.
  • The hospital follows the global ASTRO Model Policy. It is the same global policy which is followed by countries like USA, UK, and Europe.
  • Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is among the very few hospitals in India to receive patients from First World countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
  • Apart from that, it is also the first hospital in Chennai to receive patients from several countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, SAARC countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, etc.
  • In fact, there is a dedicated team at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre that serves only international patients. Thus, on a monthly basis, the Centre receives patients from across 32 countries.
  • Moreover, there are certain treatments in Apollo Proton Cancer Centre that are not available in any other centre. APCC addresses all types of possible cancers that are usually not covered by any other centre.
  • The hospital offers top-notch medical care and treatment in various oncology fields including Breast Oncology, Bone & Soft Tissue Oncology, Neuro-Oncology, Uro-Oncology, Head & Neck Oncology, Gynecological Oncology, Thoracic Oncology, Gastrointestinal Oncology, and Pediatric Oncology.
  • Other key differentiator of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is their advanced technology and cutting-edge procedures. The facility offers some of the most advanced technologies that are not easily available anywhere else.
  • One of those key differentiated technologies in Radiation Oncology at APCC is the Proton Beam Treatment. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is the first and only proton treatment centre in South Asia and the Middle East.
  • The advanced proton treatment at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is supported by the latest cutting-edge treatment procedures in medical, surgical, and radiation oncology.
  • The hospital has an exceptional track record of completing more than 1400 Proton Beam Treatment patients. Out of that, 25% of them are international patients.
  • In addition to Proton Treatment, the Centre also has other cutting-edge treatments like Radiosurgery (CyberKnife), Helical Tomo Treatment, Brachy Treatment, Linear Accelerator, Robotic Surgery, Deep Brain Stimulation, and Nuclear Medicine Theranostics. 
  • Over the years, the hospital has also demonstrated some excellent results in conducting complex cancer procedures. The hospital has completed over 5000 CyberKnife procedures. In addition, it has also completed over 2000 minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries.
  • The Radio Surgery Programme at APCC is another best quality of the hospital. The hospital has executed over 5000 Robotic Surgeries with excellent results. Additionally, it has completed more than 2000 BMT procedures.
  • Another fascinating thing about APCC is that it is the first hospital in India to introduce an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Precision Oncology Clinic. The Precision Oncology Clinic offer services like Genomic Profiling, Complete Molecular Diagnostics, Targeted Discoveries & Biomarkers, Precision Treatment, and Clinical Trials.
  • The fact that patients from First World countries also prefer Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is because the technology provided by APCC is unlike any other cancer hospitals. Moreover, the waiting period for getting a Proton Treatment in other developed countries is around 6-12 months, which is quite long. However, there is no such long waiting period for receiving Proton Treatment in APCC. APCC provides instant appointment for Proton Treatment. Secondly, the cost of Proton Treatment at APCC is substantially lower than any other developed countries.
  • The price of Proton Treatment is dependent upon the amount of radiation given to a patient. And the amount of radiation given to a patient is in turn dependent upon the kind of cancer the patient has.

Top Doctors at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ajit Pai is an exceptional Robotic Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist in India who is currently serving as a Senior Consultant of GI Surgical Oncology at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai.
  • He has done specialized courses in the treatment and management of GI cancers, gynecological cancers, and cancer of food pipes.
  • His specialization primarily lies in treating GI cancers such as Esophagus, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder and bile ducts, Pancreas, Small intestine, Colon and Rectum cancers.
  • He had his first training in surgical oncology at a prestigious hospital in Mumbai, India. He then went to Heidelberg, Germany and Japan for specialized training in advanced gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer surgery.
  • In Chicago, USA, he finished a formal fellowship in robotic, laparoscopic, and advanced gastrointestinal surgical procedures for gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Dr. Pai specializes in minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopic and robotic surgery for esophageal, colorectal, and stomach cancers as well as large-scale resections for recurring, multivisceral tumors, which impact several organs in the abdomen.
  • Furthermore, he also has experience in doing surgery for retroperitoneal sarcomas, which entails intricate planning, the removal and replacement of critical vessels including the aorta and venacava.
  • His another area of specialization lies in using HIPEC and PIPAC, two forms of chemo, during surgery for appendix, colon, and stomach cancers.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ashwathy Susan Mathew has been an eminent doctor hailing from the Department of Radiation Oncology Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai.
  • She has performed extensive research in the diagnosis and treatment of Gastro-Intestinal Cancers and related metastasis.
  • She has been awarded the Parvati Devi Gold Medal for Best Paper at the 34th Annual Conference of the Association of Radiation Oncologists of India.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Rakesh Jalali is undoubtedly one of the top Radiation Oncologists in the country who is renowned for his high-precision radiation techniques.
  • He provides a wide range of radiation treatments customized to treat different kinds of cancers.
  • Dr. Jalali, who has a remarkable 28-year of experience in the field of Neuro-Oncology, is highly proficient in employing sophisticated radiation treatment procedures, such as Electron Beam Radiation treatment (3DCRT), IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, BRT, SABR, DIBH, Brachy Treatment, TBI, and TSET, as well as 4D Gated Radio Treatment. These treatments are carefully employed to treat various kinds of cancers such as brain tumors, breast cancer, lung cancerprostate cancers, and many more.
  • Currently, Dr. Rakesh Jalali is serving as the Medical Director and Lead of Neuro Oncology at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai where he has developed suitable research models, improved the quality of life for cancer patients, and conducted ground-breaking research in the field of cancer treatment.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Sapna Nangia is a highly proficient clinical and radiation oncologist with versatile experience in cancer management.
  • She has an experience of more than 33 years as a doctor across various eminent institutions in the country.
  • Moreover, Dr. Sapna Nangia has been trained for proton treatment at Miami Cancer Care, New York.
  • Dr. Nangia, who has a particular interest in precision radio treatment methods, was among the first in India to use IMRT in 2002–2003.
  • In Delhi NCR, Dr. Nangia developed the radiation departments in three cancer hospitals by applying protocol-based treatments with a focus on individualized care.
  • In order to spread awareness about the use of precision radiation treatments among radiation oncologists and primary care doctors, Dr. Nangia has served as faculty in a number of continuing medical education programmes.
  • Additionally, she participated in a public awareness campaign at an NGO that provides palliative care and cancer education in a number of Delhi NCR schools and institutions.
  • Furthermore, she also carried out a number of camps and educational initiatives in North India.
  • As a pioneer in the field of radiation treatment methods and teaching, Dr. Nangia has published groundbreaking studies on prostate and head-neck cancers as well as developing novel approaches to the treatment of breast and hepatocellular cancers. She used to oversee the latter as the head of the unit in the Radiation Oncology department of the Apollo Cancer Institute, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, in New Delhi.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri has been in one of the top layers of Oncologists in India. He is a renowned Radiation Oncologist with extensive experience. He is also a major thought leader in the field, particularly with regard to high precision radiation treatment, which includes Particle Beam Radiation.
  • Dr. Chilukuri is known for having started the first clinical Particle Beam Treatment programme in South Asia and India for treating sarcomas, pediatric cancers, prostate cancers, and thoracic cancers.
  • He is presently working in Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai as a Senior Consultant of Radiation Oncology (Pediatrics, Urology & Thoracic). In addition, he is the chairman of Optimus Oncology, which he co-founded and is presently trying to bring cutting-edge, reasonably priced cancer care to India’s rural areas.
  • Prostate cancer, soft tissue and bone tumors, pediatric cancers, and thoracic cancers are among his areas of specific interest.
  • He has been the clinical lead in advanced Radiation Oncology and has successfully trained more than 200 students all over the Indian Subcontinent.
  • He was one of the first radiation oncologists to develop expertise and experience in the Volumetric Modulated technique for Pediatric and Prostate Cancer.
  • Dr. Chilukuri has received training from some of the world’s greatest institutions and has been exposed to some of the best ones as well. As one of the most promising oncologists, he has received fellowships from the American Society of Oncology and the European Society of Medical Oncology. He served as the clinical director of the Advanced Radio Treatment School, where he taught medical physicists and oncologists how to provide highly precise radiation treatment to countless patients.
  • In addition to having multiple international scientific works published in high impact journals, he has earned numerous national and international accolades.
  • Dr. Chilukuri is a firm believer in creating sustainable healthcare models that can be applied globally and in utilizing technology to provide fair cancer care.

Profile Highlights:

  • Based in Chennai, Dr. Sujith Kumar Mullapally is a skilled Medical Oncologist who is currently practicing as a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai.
  • Dr. Mullapally is quite versatile as he specializes in a range of oncology specialties. Thoracic Oncology, Neuro-Oncology, Head & Neck Oncology, Genitourinary Oncology and Bone & Soft Tissue Tumors are just a few of his expertise. In addition, he has a great deal of interest in Immuno-Oncology and Preventive Oncology.
  • To detect various cancer forms early on, Dr. Mullapally uses cutting edge diagnostic methods including biopsies and imaging tests (X-rays, CT scans).
  • As a specialist, Dr. Mullapally is aware of the difficulties in identifying and managing cancer. So as soon as a patient notices symptoms or has worries about their health, he advises them to consult a specialist who can offer more focused treatment.
  • Following a diagnosis, Dr. Mullapally develops individualized treatment plans for patients that might involve immuno treatment, chemo treatment, radiation treatment, or surgery. These treatments are intended to minimize adverse effects while optimizing efficacy, and they are customized to meet the specific needs of every patient.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Vishnu Ramanujan is a super specialist in Orthopedic Oncology who is an expert in managing metastatic bone disorders as well as surgical excision of primary bone tumors and soft tissue sarcomas. He is a distinguished surgeon with extensive training in musculoskeletal oncology.
  • With a mere experience of 10 years in the field, Dr. Ramanujan has managed to establish himself as one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Chennai. He is currently working as a Consultant – Musculo-skeletal Oncologist in the Department of Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer Management at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai where he continues to deliver outstanding results for his patients.
  • His specialization primarily lies in hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal therapy, joint dislocation treatment, ligament and tendon repair, pain management counseling, hand pain treatment, fracture treatment, back pain physiotherapy, frozen shoulder physiotherapy, and orthopedic physical therapy.
  • Additionally, Dr. Ramanujan is also an expert in using cutting-edge diagnostic methods to determine the underlying cause of a musculoskeletal ailment, including MRI scans, blood tests, and X-rays.
  • Furthermore, he is very adaptive due to his patient-centric approach as he creates customized treatment plans that are specific to each of his patients.

Accreditations of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Joint Commission International (JCI)

Facilities at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Proton Treatment
  • Surface Guided Radiation Treatment
  • Robotic Surgery (Da Vinci System)
  • Theranostics (Nuclear Medicine)
  • Tomo Treatment
  • Immuno Medicine
  • Targeted Cancer Treatment
  • Chemo
  • Molecular Profiling
  • 3 Tesla MRI
  • Digital PET-CT
  • 3 Proton Rooms
  • 3 High Diagnostics Imaging Centre
  • 2 Linear Accelerators
  • Organ Specific Cancer Care
  • 5 Operating Rooms

Facilities for International Patients at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport Transfer
  • Medical Records Transfer
  • Accommodation Arrangements for Patient & Attendant
  • International Patient Lounge
  • Language Interpreters
  • Translation Services
  • Post-treatment consultation
  • Free video consultations with doctors
  • Local Guide for Sight-seeing
  • International Cuisine

Milestones Achieved by Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai is the first and only hospital in South Asia and the Middle East to introduce the advance Proton Treatment for cancer treatment. Proton Treatment, a type of advanced technique, minimises harm to surrounding healthy tissues and allows for more accurate targeting of tumours.
  • A group of expert neurosurgeons at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre performed the world’s first ever transformational keyhole procedure for the removal of an insular brain tumor.
  • A 35-year-old patient from Oman had India’s first whole marrow radiation procedure at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai.

Centres of Excellence at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Cancer Institute
  • Heart Institute
  • Institutes of Transplant
  • Institutes of Orthopedics
  • Emergency
  • ICU Management

Specialties at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • Cancer
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Heart
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurosciences
  • Organ Transplant
  • Urology & Nephrology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Critical Care

Connectivity of Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai

  • The hospital is at a distance of 16.8 km from the Chennai International Airport; international patients receive free airport pick-up.
  • Local cabs and taxis are also easily available near the hospital and can also be booked on call.