Dr. Erika Patel

Dr. Erika Patel

Nova IVI Fertility, Chennai


Dr. Erika Patel
Consultant, Infertility and IVF
Nova IVI Fertility, Chennai, India 

Profile Snapshot

  • Dr. Erika Patel is a Consultant of Gynecology & Obstetrics in Chennai with experience in infertility treatment and ART.
  • She holds a specialization in Reproductive medicine and surgery and is among the very few doctors in India holding MCh degree in the said field.
  • With several years of experience in management of infertility and training in IVF, Dr. Patel works with the goal of making IVF and assisted reproduction highly successful in India.
  • She has helped several couples in conceiving a baby without compromising on the quality and by following strict ethical conducts while maintaining complete transparency during the entire process.
  • Along with being an expert in the management and treatment of female infertility issues, she is also trained in male infertility and Andrology.
  • Dr. Patel acquired her training and experience in IVF from her observership at some of the prestigious centers for IVF that include Harvard University, Boston IVF and Michigan IVF.
  • She is also regularly invited as a guest speaker and lecturer in various national and international forums for women. She has presented her research papers in several meetings, conferences and seminars and also has publications to her credit in renowned journals and newspapers.
  • Her papers have been presented at the annual conferences of American Society for Reproductive Medicine and European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.



  • MBBS from Dr. D Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai
  • MS in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Sumandeep University, Gujarat
  • MCh in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
  • Training in male infertility and Andrology from University of Miami
  • Observership in IVF from Harvard University, Michigan IVF and Boston IVF
  • Ongoing PhD in Reproductive Medicine

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