Cost of Liver Transplant in India

The following is a cost table for Liver Transplant Procedure. The table will help you understand the various components of cost of LTP.

The cost will ofcourse vary some 5-10% between hospitals, but this will help you get a general idea of the costs.

Treatment RequiredApproximate DurationApproximate ExpensesStay in India after discharge 
Initial Evaluation2-5 Days (OPD)$ 3000-3500 (both patient & donor)
Pre-Admission Investigations8-10 Days (OPD)$2000-3000 (both patient & donor)1-2 weeks
Liver Transplant SurgeryApprox. 21 Days' Hospital Stay for Patient; Approx. 10 Days' Hospital stay for Donor$26000 in shared room;
$28000 in single room
1 month

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