ACL Reconstruction
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Cost of ACL Reconstruction in India

Following is a general estimate of the cost of ACL Reconstruction in India:
TreatmentCostDays in hospitalDays outside hospital (in hotel or guest house)Total stay in India
ACL Reconstruction USD 2500-3500 approx.
2-4 days.57-10 days approx.

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Best ACL Reconstruction Doctors in India

Profile Highlights:

  • (Prof) Raju Vaishya is a well-known Orthopedic Surgeon in India with expertise in arthroscopic surgery (hip and knee) and joint replacement procedures.
  • He has been in the field of joint replacement and arthroscopy for more than 30 years and is highly skilled at the management of chronic arthritis and performing joint replacement surgeries for hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, and finger joints.
  • Dr. Raju Vaishya is among the first orthopedic surgeons to introduce shoulder arthroscopy in India and is the best surgeon for knee and hip arthroplasty in the country.
  • His interest also lies in cartilage regeneration and restoration along with management and treatment of ligament injuries.
  • Currently, Dr. Raju Vaishya is one of the lead orthopedic surgeons in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and is also a Professor in the department. He is part of a highly efficient team of orthopedic doctors and surgeons in the hospital which makes it one of the best orthopedic centers in India.
  • He runs a fellowship training program in orthopedic surgery under Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and has trained over 300 national and international orthopedic surgeons.
  • Dr. Vaishya is known to have introduced the personalized knee surgery plan that uses a customized patient-centric approach for arthroplasty.
  • Dr. Raju Vaishya regularly attends national and international scientific meetings and gets invited to speak and deliver talks at such conferences and seminars. He has chaired various orthopedic and arthroscopic sessions and delivered presentations.
  • He has done a large number of research on the different aspects of Arthroscopy and joint replacement procedures. His work has been published in renowned peer-reviewed journals and holds the credit for over 175 publications in national and international journals and medical textbooks.
  • Dr. Raju Vaishya’s name has been featured in the Limca Book of Records four times for his contributions towards orthopedics.
  • An esteemed member of numerous medical associations and organizations, Dr. Vaishya is a well known name in orthopedic surgery of the world.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ramani Narasimhan is a leading Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi and one of the best in India for the treatment of all kinds of pediatric orthopedic disorders.
  • He specializes primarily in pediatric hip and spine surgery among other orthopedic procedures that include deformity correction surgery, joints, and bone repair and replacement, and surgery for sports injuries, fractures, and trauma. limb deficiency has been published in renowned national and international journals.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ashok Rajgopal is often considered the best Orthopedic Surgeon in India. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India in 2014 for his impeccable service to Orthopedics in India.
  • He is a highly knowledgeable and skilled orthopedic surgeon with more than 25,000 Total Knee Replacement surgeries to his name. He also holds the credit for more than 3200 joint replacement surgeries and over 9950 arthroscopic surgeries and 28,000 arthroplasties.
  • He holds a unique stint of performing 28 Total Knee Replacement surgeries in less than 12 hours and has achieved several other milestones in his career.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal is a leading Orthopedic Surgeon with expertise in the management and treatment of shoulders and sports injuries.
  • He has been performing orthopedic surgeries for the shoulder and sports injuries for more than 26 years and has experience in performing all kinds of replacement and reconstruction surgeries of the shoulders and upper limbs.
  • He holds the credit for performing the highest number of total shoulder replacement surgery and shoulder arthroscopy in Delhi and NCR.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ramneek Mahajan is a well-known name in the field of Orthopedics and Joint Replacement surgery in India.
  • His expertise lies in Primary and Revision Joint replacement surgeries and Arthroscopy. He has performed over 10000 orthopedic surgeries till date and also holds the credit for more than 2500 joint replacement surgeries.
  • Dr. Mahajan received his Fellowship training in Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement from prestigious orthopedic centers in Singapore, Australia, and Germany.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. S K S Marya is a highly renowned and acclaimed Orthopedic Surgeon in India and has performed over 15,000 joint replacement surgeries till date.
  • He is one of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons specializing in joint replacement surgery of upper and lower limb joints (both primary and revision) and Trauma management according to AO principles.
  • His surgical career in numbers is quite high with 3500 simultaneous knee replacement surgeries and over 3000 hip replacement surgeries.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Sajan K Hegde is an Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon with 33+ years of experience and is known for performing spine and joint surgeries using the latest technological advancements like minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion and cervical artificial disc.
  • He has initiated many modern instrumentation systems in India including Cotrel, BAK cages, Harms Mesh Systems, and more.
  • Dr. Hedge holds expertise in surgical and non-surgical spine treatments, tackling trauma, et al.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Attique Vasdev is a renowned Orthopedic surgeon specializing in Knee surgeries.
  • Currently he is the Director of Knee Unit at Bone and Joint Institute of Medanta- The Medicity and has been instrumental in starting the unit as well.
  • Along with performing surgeries for all kinds of knee related diseases and disorders, he is also trained to perform sports injury surgeries.
  • His principal area of interest lies in Knee replacement, Arthroscopic surgery, ligament reconstruction surgeries and Knee Osteotomy.
  • Dr. Vasdev holds an immense experience of more than 25 years in knee surgeries and knee procedures. He is among the very few orthopedic surgeons in India focusing primarily in knee-related disorders.
  • He organizes workshops and takes part in various CMEs and seminars where he gives live demonstration on various knee surgeries.
  • He has been an invitee to various orthopedic conferences and meetings both in the national and international forum.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Yash Gulati is a leading Orthopedic Surgeon and one of the best hip and knee replacement surgeons in India.
  • For his contributions towards orthopedics in India, he was awarded the Padma Shri in 2009 and is the youngest orthopedic surgeon to receive the honor.
  • Dr. Yash Gulati is an expert in all types of hip, knee, and spine joint replacement surgeries and holds the credit for performing the highest number of total knee replacements with I- Assist Navigation technique in India. He also performed the largest number of total hip replacement surgeries for Sickle Cell disease.
  • With several firsts to his name, Dr. Gulati performed the first-ever total hip replacement surgery on the youngest patient in India. He pioneered the Gyroscope-based Computer Navigation Knee Replacement surgery in India and is the best in the procedure.
  • He holds more than 2 decades of experience in primary and revision total hip and knee replacement surgeries and has performed a large number of complex surgeries with excellent outcomes.
  • Dr. Yash Gulatiis one of the very few surgeons in India to perform Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Interbody Fusion surgeries.
  • Dr. Gulati has been associated with prestigious and the best orthopedic hospitals in India. He is the orthopedic surgeon for the President of India and has also performed surgeries on some of the notable personalities of the country.
  • He is also an experienced sports surgeon and holds a Diploma in Sports Medicine. He has performed surgeries on some of the well-known sportsperson and athletes of India. He has also been an honorary orthopedic surgeon for the Border Security Forces and the Armed Forces.
  • Dr. Yash Gulati is regularly invited as a speaker and presenter to attend conferences and seminars all over the world. He has delivered over 500 lectures at several national and international meetings. He also delivered orations on several occasions and has been appreciated and awarded for his work on numerous instances.
  • He is also invited to various orthopedic workshops and CMEs where he has given live demonstrations of knee and hip replacement procedures both in India and other countries of the world. He did a live demonstration of microdiscectomy at the Indian Orthopedic Association Annual Conference held in Patna.
  • He is a keen researcher and has been developing new and better techniques for orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries in India. His work has been published in renowned national and international medical journals.
  • Dr. Gulati is also active in social work and has been associated with a number of NGOs to provide for the underprivileged. He also organizes free health camps to help poor and elderly patients with orthopedic care.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda is a well-known orthopedic surgeon and working at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.
  • The doctor has expertise in Joint Replacement Surgery & revision surgery. He accumulated 34 years of experience, working in the United Kingdom and India.
  • Dr. Kharbanda has expanded his skills with various orthopedic training programs at Birmingham, Linz Austria, Liverpool, etc.
  • He is interested in polytrauma and complex trauma. The OrthopaedistDr. Yatinder Kharbanda performs Arthroscopy, Sports surgeries, hip and knee replacement surgeries, and more to help patients resume their active lifestyles after an orthopedic setback.
  • Several institutes have recognized Dr. Kharbanda’s contribution to medical services.


What is ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction (or Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction) is a surgical procedure used to repair torn ACL ligament. ACL is one of the major ligaments in the knee. It connects the thigh bone to the shin bone and helps in the stability of the knee joint. In ACL reconstruction, the surgeon makes a small cut around the knee joint and the torn ligament is replaced with a tendon from another part of the knee or a donor.

Causes of ACL Injury

ACL injury is a common sports injury.

  • It is caused due to over-stretching or over-use of the ligament
  • It occurs when there is sudden or sharp movement while running or jumping.
  • Landing incorrectly from a jump.
  • Direct blow on the knee.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

Preparation for procedure

  • Don’t eat or drink for 8 to 12 hours prior to the surgery.
  • Limit or stop the use of nicotine, caffeine & alcohol weeks before the surgery.
  • Doctors may prescribe multivitamins, vitamin C prior to surgery to promote healing after surgery.
  • Patient undergoes physical therapy before the surgery in order to reduce pain & swelling because with a swollen knee it may be difficult to regain the full range to motion after surgery

During the procedure

  • General anaesthesia is given to the patient so that the patient feels comfortable during the surgery.
  • Small cuts or incisions are made around the knee joint to insert arthroscope (a thin, tube-like camera) and other surgical instruments.
  • The torn ACL ligament is removed & replaced with an autograft (tendon that is taken from another part of the knee) or with an allograft (a tendon from a donor).

After the procedure

  • The patient is advised to keep the pressure off the knee.
  • Before leaving, the patient practises walking with crutches and the doctor may advise to wear a brace to protect the knee.
  • Pain relief medication like ibuprofen is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Physical therapy (which includes cold therapy & strengthening exercises) is also advised to strengthen the muscles and ligaments after the surgery.


How long before you can return to work after ACL surgery?

  • Depends on the job.
  • If it’s an office job than the patient can return to work after a week or 10 days.
  • And the patient’s jobs requires a lot of knee movement, than it may take 4-6 weeks.

Is ACL surgery a major surgery?

ACL surgery is minimally invasive surgery done with the help of arthroscope.

How long should you wear a knee brace after ACL surgery?

4-6 weeks so that the graft can heal.

How long should I elevate my leg after ACL surgery?

The leg is elevated with the help of cushion or pillows for 6-8 weeks to ensure that there is adequate movement of fluids and there is no swelling in the operated leg.

What are the side effects of ACL surgery?

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Stiffness of the knee joint.
  • Instability of knee joint
  • Decreased movement of knee joint.

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