Southend Fertility and IVF Center

New Delhi, India

Snapshot of Southend Fertility and IVF Centre

  • Southend Fertility and IVF Centre was started in the year 2001 as a center for providing treatment to couples suffering from infertility.
  • The clinic provides a comprehensive programme for infertility management that includes fertility check up to using Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) to help in conceiving.
  • It was established by Dr. Sonia Malik who is an IVF specialist and a renowned gynecologist together with Dr. Avtar Krishnan, an Anesthesiologist.
  • It is equipped with an outstanding infrastructure, state of the art laboratories and the latest equipments and technologies for assisted reproduction.
  • The first center was set up in Vasant Vihar in Delhi and now there are 7 centers in total in Haryana, Delhi and Punjab.
  • Every center has a dedicated team of experts in the field of gynecology & obstetrics and IVF wh follow international standards of treatment protocol and ethical conduct.

Special highlights of Southend Fertility and IVF Centre

  • Standard ethical practices in all fertility treatment
  • State of the art infrastructure and laboratory
  • Team of highly qualified and experienced specialists
  • Maintaining international standards of practice and treatment
  • Freezing facilities for eggs, sperm and embryos
  • Empathetic, caring and stress-free environment

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