Best Doctors in India for Septoplasty

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva is one of the most prominent ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologists in India with 30+ years of experience as a medical professional.
  • He is currently working as the Senior Director in Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr. Sanjay Sachdeva has received multiple awards and accolades for his incredible achievements in the field of Otorhinolaryngology.

Profile Highlights:

  • With over 20 years of experience obtained in several parts of the world, including the UK, USA, etc. Dr. Ameet Kishore is known for providing the best treatment for all conditions of ear, nose, and throat, in children as well as adults.
  • Dr. Ameet Kishore is quite experienced in otology and has performed microscopic ear surgeries for ear infections and reconstruction surgery for hearing. Having received his training from the National Center for Cochlear Implantation, he has extensive experience in managing deafness with cochlear implantation.
  • Dr. Kishore has also set up the Cochlear Implant Program with a series of over 500 Cochlear Implants procedures in eight years. He is also one of India’s first surgeons who have carried out Auditory Brainstem Implantation.
  • With experience in functional endoscopic sinus surgery, using specialized tools such as endoscopic camera systems, microdebrider, and balloon sinuplasty, he has also performed advanced endoscopic procedures.
  • Dr. Ameet Kishore is also competent in treating child problems such as tonsils, glued ears, adenoids, as well as noisy and difficult breathing, as well as any problem that can affect the pediatric airway.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Anish Gupta is a renowned ENT specialist and Head & Neck Surgeon in Delhi/ NCR.
  • He has extensive experience in performing common and complex ENT procedures including ontological and rhinological procedures, laryngeal framework procedures, endoscopic sinus surgery, cochlear implant, thyroidectomy, and surgical treatment for head and neck tumors.
  • Dr. Anish Gupta has been involved in more than 100 cochlear implant surgeries.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Aru Chhabra Handa is a famous ENT surgeon practicing in Medanta, Gurugram who is trained in oto-rhino-layrngology. She has expertise in treating pediatric ENT patients.
  • Highly experienced in all kinds of routine and advanced surgeries of the ear, nose, and throat, she is also an expert in rhinoplasty, micro ear surgery, neuro ontological disorders, endoscopic nasal and sinus surgery, as well as phono surgery.
  • Throughout her career of over 23 years, Dr. Aru Chhabra Handa has served in various reputed hospitals in North India. She has also treated several cases related to tonsillitis, epistaxis, pharyngitis, ear infection, voice and speech disorders, and throat cancer.
  • She is known to be among the few ENT specialists in India, specializing in adult as well as pediatric cases. She has also taken up several complex cases in her career before she joined Medanta.
  • Dr. Handa also has around 40 publications in several international and national journals as well as book chapters. She is also known for being a panelist and guest faculty in several CMEs, workshops, and conferences.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Kumud Kumar Handa is a highly acclaimed ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon in India with specializations in Head and Neck cancer surgery.
  • Dr. K K Handa’s expertise in the field of ENT is prominent with the 27 years of experience that he has in the field.
  • His area of interest includes voice surgery, laser surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, cochlear implant surgery, and head and neck surgery. He has helped in the treatment of a number of head and neck cancer patients with different types of cancer surgeries.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Kalpana Nagpal is an ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist in India with extensive expertise. She has nearly three decades of experience in performing Microscopic and Endoscopic Surgeries for sinus infections, sebaceous cysts, epistaxis, tonsillitis, and otoplasty.
  • Dr. Nagpal is a senior consultant for ENT at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. She treats patients with congenital ear problems, orbital and optic nerve decompression, and tonsillectomy in both children and adults. Her area of expertise is Head & Neck Surgery.
  • Dr. Nagpal also serves as the President of the Women Association of Otolaryngologists and is active in academics.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Sabir Husain Ansari is one of the best ENT/ Otorhinolaryngology surgeons in India practicing at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. He holds nearly 50 years of experience in treating Sinus infections, sebaceous cysts, Epistaxis, Tonsillitis, and otoplasty.
  • Dr. Ansari also helps with the hearing & speech evaluations in both children and adults. Being a specialized ENT doctor for nearly 36 years, he has competence in Micro Ear Surgery, Middle Ear Endoscopic, Neck Surgery, Nasal Surgery, Otoneurology, Pediatric ENT, Micro Laryngeal Surgery, Hearing Implant procedure, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, and more.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Ganapathy H is one of the most experienced ENT specialists or Otorhinolaryngologists in South India, having more than 44 years of experience.
  • He won several awards, including the Gold Medal in academics and career span.
  • Dr. Ganapathy H has published several research papers in both national and international periodicals.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. Prabhakaran M is one of the best ENT specialists in Chennai, having an experience of more than 45 years.
  • He is credited for performing over 4000 endoscopic laserisation of bronchial tumors.
  • Dr. Prabhakaran is assisting patients with minor and major surgeries related to ENT.
  • Dr. Prabhakaran presided over many regional and national ENT conferences.

Profile Highlights:

  • Dr. P S Reddy is a senior Otorhinolaryngologist or ENT surgeon in Chennai, having an experience of more than 4 decades in the field.
  • Dr. Reddy excels in Tinnitus therapy, Audiometry Tests, and other services.
  • Patients often seek his consultation for head and neck related problems, food, and drug allergies, respiratory, and vertigo.

Best Hospitals in India for Septoplasty

Hospital Highlights:

  • One of India’s best and largest multi-specialty hospitals, Medanta was built with the aim to bring India to the highest standards of medical care. The hospital has been providing the best medical services to its patients, since its inception, with care, commitment, and compassion.
  • Equipped with 1250 beds, the hospital was founded by Dr. Naresh Trehan in the year 2009 with an aim to provide the best medical care at affordable costs. The hospital is spread across 43 acres and includes 45 operation theatres and 350 beds dedicated solely to ICU. The hospital includes over 800 doctors, and more than 22 specialty departments and has a dedicated floor for individual specialty in order to offer the best services under one roof.
  • The hospital is considered one of the premier institutes in India for Cardiac Care and includes staffs and members of high caliber. The hospital has 6 distinct centers of excellence.

Hospital Highlights:

  • One of the most well-known hospitals in the Delhi NCR, Artemis Hospital is the first hospital in Gurugram to get accredited by the Joint Commission International.
  • With more than 40 specialties, the hospital has been designed to be one of the most technically advanced hospitals in the country, with the best medical and surgical health care. The hospital has eleven special and dedicated centers, for Heart, Cancer, Neurosciences, etc.
  • The latest technologies in the hospital include Endovascular Hybrid Operating Suite and Flat panel Cath Labs for the cardiovascular department, 3 Tesla MRI, 16 slice PET CT, 64 Slice Cardiac CT Scan, HDR Brachy Treatment, and highly advanced Image Guided Radiation Treatment techniques (LINAC) are installed in the hospital.
  • The hospital has won several awards as well, since its inception.

Hospital Highlights:

  • The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai is the most sought-after private cancer hospital in India. It is an integrated facility that provides cutting-edge, all inclusive cancer treatment to patients all over the globe.
  • The hospital is a part of the renowned Apollo Group which has a large network of over 74 hospitals in India and across the globe. Out of the 74 hospitals, 21 of them are cancer centres. However, Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is the only cancer hospital to have JCI accreditation.
  • The Centre, which was established on the principles of excellence and expertise, unites a formidable medical staff led by some of the most illustrious figures in cancer treatment.
  • The hospital follows the global ASTRO Model Policy. It is the same global policy which is followed by countries like USA, UK, and Europe.
  • Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is among the very few hospitals in India to receive patients from First World countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
  • Apart from that, it is also the first hospital in Chennai to receive patients from several countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, SAARC countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, etc.
  • In fact, there is a dedicated team at the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre that serves only international patients. Thus, on a monthly basis, the Centre receives patients from across 32 countries.
  • Moreover, there are certain treatments in Apollo Proton Cancer Centre that are not available in any other centre. APCC addresses all types of possible cancers that are usually not covered by any other centre.

Hospital Highlights:

  • Over the last 33 years, the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has set new standards in cardiac treatment with groundbreaking research. It is now known around the world as a centre of expertise for Cardiac Bypass Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiology, and Paediatric Cardiac Surgery.
  • The hospital has cutting-edge laboratories that perform a wide range of diagnostic tests in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Transfusion Medicine, and Microbiology.
  • Fortis Escorts Heart Institute boasts a diverse group of bright and experienced doctors who are backed up by a team of highly qualified, experienced, and devoted support professionals as well as cutting-edge equipment such as the recently installed Dual CT Scan.
  • Approximately 200 cardiac doctors and 1600 personnel currently collaborate to manage over 14,500 admissions and 7,200 emergency situations each year. The hospital now has a 310-bed infrastructure, as well as five cath labs and a slew of other world-class amenities.

Hospital Highlights:

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a multi-super-specialty, quaternary care hospital with 1000 beds. The hospital comprises reputed clinicians, and international faculty and is also equipped with cutting-edge technology. The hospital is a part of Fortis Healthcare Limited, a reputed chain of private hospitals in India.
  • It is a NABH-accredited hospital that is spread across 11 acres of land and has a capacity of 1000 beds. The hospital has 55 specialties and is one of the premier health care centers in the Asia Pacific region popularly known as “the Mecca of Healthcare”.
  • The hospital has 260 diagnostic centers and is also equipped with the latest and advanced techniques that include 3 Telsa which is the world’s first Digital MRI technology. The hospital also has world-class Radiation Treatment techniques which have been developed by leading technology experts from Elekta and Brain Lab.

Hospital Highlights:

  • The Indian Spinal Injuries Center (ISIC), provides state-of-the-art facilities for the management of all types of spinal ailments.
  • Staffed with internationally trained, acclaimed, and dedicated spine surgeons, the hospital provides cutting-edge medical & surgical technology. The hospital provides comprehensive management of spinal injury, back pain, spinal deformities, tumors, osteoporosis, etc.
  • The hospital performs motion-preserving spine surgeries including disc replacement and dynamic fixation, and minimally invasive spine surgeries such as endoscopic disc excision.
  • The orthopedic service of the hospital covers all orthopedic ailments including trauma, joint diseases & replacements, oncology, pediatric orthopedics & upper limb ailment.

Hospital Highlights:

In the sprawling city of Faridabad, where healthcare needs are diverse and ever-evolving, one institution has consistently stood out as a beacon of excellence in the field of medicine—Marengo Asia Hospital. Established with a vision to provide world-class healthcare services to the community it serves, Marengo Asia Hospital has emerged as a trusted name synonymous with quality, compassion, and innovation in healthcare.

Hospital Highlights:

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a 700-bedded multispecialty hospital in the heart of the capital of India. It is a part of Apollo Hospital group, one of India’s most reputed healthcare chains. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has been accredited by Joint Commission International, making it the first internationally accredited hospital in the country in 2005.
  • There are 52 specialties in the hospital with one of the best cardiology centers in the country. The hospital is also equipped with State of the art infrastructure facilities with the largest Sleep Lab in Asia and the largest number of ICU bed facilities in India.
  • The latest and highly advanced technologies that are installed in the hospital include Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, PET-MR, PET-CT, Cobalt-based HDR, Brain Lab Navigation System, Tilting MRI, Portable CT scanner, 3 Tesla MRI, 128 Slice CT scanner, DSA Lab, Endosonography, Hyperbaric Chamber and Fibro scan.

Hospital Highlights:

  • One of the well-regarded providers in India committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care, Max Super Specialty Hospital is a part of Max Healthcare, which is the second-largest healthcare chain in India. Regarded as one of the most well-regarded healthcare providers in the country, Max Super Specialty Hospital is committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence as well as patient care. The hospital is also equipped with the latest technology as well as cutting-edge research. The hospital is known to deliver and ensure the highest level of patient care.
  • The hospital has more than 500 beds and offers treatment for over 35 specialties. The hospital also holds the credit of having installed the first Brain Suite in Asia. This is a highly advanced Neurosurgical machine that allows MRI to be taken while surgery is ongoing.
  • Other advanced and latest technologies are also installed in the hospital such as the 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, 64 Slice CT Angiography, 4D ECHO, LINAC, and 3.5T MRI machine.

Hospital Highlights:

  • Founded in 2017, the HCG EKO Cancer Centre is a committed, all-inclusive cancer care facility in Kolkata.
  • The hospital was collaboratively established by India’s leading cancer care provider HCG (HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.), and EKO Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd., a top diagnostic and imaging chain in Eastern India.
  • With 88 beds, the hospital provides a full spectrum of services including diagnosis, prevention, screening, second opinions, treatment, rehabilitation, follow-up, and palliative care.
  • Additionally, the hospital contains a day-care chemotherapy ward, Neutropenic ward, medical ICU, pharmacy, blood bank, and an IPD wing.
  • At HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata, a large team of cancer experts with experience in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, hemato oncology, BMT, and nuclear medicine collaborate to offer a variety of treatment options under one roof.
  • Furthermore, the hospital is also known for employing the most advanced radiation technology such as, the Radixact, a next-generation TomoTherapy equipment that provides greater radiation delivery precision.


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure done to straighten the septum or correct deviation in the septum. A septum is a wall of cartilage & bone that divides the two nostrils of your nose. The septum is called deviated when it is crooked. People having a deviated septum may experience difficulty in breathing through their nose. This increases the risk of infections in the sinus as there is poor drainage. Although some people are born with a deviated nasal septum, an injury to the nose may also cause the septum to deviate.

People having a deviated nasal septum will have one of the two nasal passages smaller than the other one that causes difficulty in breathing. Nose bleeding and facial pain are symptoms of a deviated nasal septum. During the Septoplasty procedure, your doctor will reposition your nasal septum to the middle of your nose. For this, he or she will cut & remove the parts of the nasal septum and reinsert them into a proper position. Upon healing, you will be able to breathe through your nose easily. Your surgeon will also discuss the possibilities and expected results in your case.

Why should I opt for Septoplasty?

Many people have crooked septum. However, in severe cases, there might be a blockage on one side of the nose due to a deviated septum that reduces airflow. This may cause difficulty in breathing through your nose from either one or both sides. The Septoplasty procedure can help to straighten your septum by trimming, repositioning, and replacing the bone and/or the cartilage. You may think of going for the Septoplasty procedure for fixing your deviated septum if you are experiencing symptoms like difficulty in breathing through the nose and it is affecting your quality of life.

Preparing for the surgery

You may need to stop taking specific medications for two weeks before the surgery. These medications may include blood thinners and ibuprofen or aspirin. Your doctor will instruct you on this to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding during and after the Septoplasty surgery. If you have an allergy to some medications or if you have problems like excessive bleeding, you must inform your doctor about the same. People undergo this surgery usually under a local anesthetic agent that numbs the surgery site and prevents pain. However, some people opt for the surgery under general anesthesia that makes them fall asleep at the time of the surgery.

You need to start fasting from the night before the surgery if you will be having the surgery under general anesthesia. This is because it prevents choking if you have nausea or vomiting due to the anesthesia during the surgery. You may ask your doctor to take a photo and compare it with another photo to be taken after the procedure. This will help you notice the changes in your nose.

What to expect?

Your surgeon will make incisions in your nose, especially a small incision between your nostrils. It is necessary to make cuts or incisions in the bone of your nose for repositioning them if your nasal bones are crooked and push your nasal septum to 1 side. Your surgeon might use spreader grafts that are small & reinforcing strips of cartilage. They help to correct a deviated nasal septum when you have a problem at the bridge of your nose. In some cases, these grafts are necessary for straightening the septum effectively.

Before the procedure

Your doctor may administer local or general anesthesia in your body. The complexity of your surgery and the choices of you & your doctor will help in determining the type of anesthesia for you. The local anesthesia numbs the area only up to the nose. Your doctor will inject it into the nasal tissues. However, if your doctor is administering general anesthesia, he or she will use an IV line for the same and you will be temporarily unconscious with effects on your entire body.

During the procedure

Your surgeon will make incisions and reposition the nasal septum. He or she might cut several parts of your septum for the same. Next, your doctor will use absorbable sutures to close the incisions. He or she will insert soft silicone splints in each of your nostrils for supporting the nasal septum. He or she will use a bandage-like material for packing your nose to prevent bleeding after the completion of the surgery.

After the procedure

The nurse will move you to a recovery room after the surgery where the team can watch & monitor your condition for any complications. You will need someone to take you home and avoid driving for a few weeks after the surgery. You may need to elevate your head during sleep, avoid blowing your nose, and avoid strenuous activities for a month so that there is no bleeding.


The wound will heal soon and you will be able to breathe without any difficulty. You will notice the improvements in your breathing, even if the healing process is slow. The nasal tissues will attain their new shape within a year.

Risks of the procedure

Septoplasty procedure too has some risks like infection, bleeding, or adverse reaction to anesthesia. However, there are some other associated risks also that may be:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Nasal obstruction and other symptoms
  • A hole in your nasal septum
  • Numbness in your upper gums or nose, temporarily
  • Alterations in nose shape
  • Clots of blood in your nasal space that requires drainage.


You may reduce these risks by keeping your nose clean and frequently washing the hands. One may need multiple surgeries for treating some or all of these risks. If the results of the Septoplasty procedure are below your expectations, you may opt for additional surgery for the same. You may talk to your doctor surgeon for discussing your case and the associated risks if you undergo the surgery.

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